Quiz: The Ultimate Shotgun House Quiz
The Ultimate Shotgun House Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Large and diverse, the United States is home to numerous distinctive architectural styles. Many have grown out of specific cultural, economic or social needs. The shotgun house is a unique style, whose history is interesting and significant in American culture.

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Which city is most associated with the shotgun house design?
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Where do most shotgun houses have their windows?
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Which immigrants to New Orleans brought the shotgun house style with them?
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When did the shotgun house enjoy its greatest popularity as an American architectural style?
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The struggles of which people were eventually associated with shotgun houses?
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What architectural feature in the American version creates a problem with the traditional explanation for the name "shotgun house?"
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What popular architectural feature has been attributed to the shotgun house?
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When shotgun house kits first appeared on the market in the early 20th century, how much did they sell for?
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