Quiz: Should You Enlist in the Army or Marines?
Should You Enlist in the Army or Marines?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum

About This Quiz

The US Army and US Marine Corps are two of the oldest branches of the United States military. While the army has been around since the revolution, the Marine Corps was resurrected during the Barbary Wars by General William Eaton, and they wear a ceremonial scimitar based on the design of his sword. The Army runs much of what we traditionally think of as war activities, including artillery, certain close air support, intelligence gathering, and of course, the Army Ranger commandos.

The US Marine Corps on the other hand specializes. It brands itself as "the tip of the spear" and is technically part of the Navy. On US Navy vessels, marines patrol the ships, trained to fend off boarders. They also work overseas, usually part of the first boots on the ground, completing specialist missions that require highly trained amphibious infantry. The Marines are proud of their history of expert riflemen, and that training sits at the core of their skillset.

Of course, not everyone is cut out for combat roles in either branch of the military. Both groups have public relations officers and specialists in electronic warfare, pilots (combat and otherwise) and medics. Still, it's possible neither group is right for you, and perhaps you belong in another government job, or none at all. Take this quiz to find out where you should land.

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