Should You Get Bangs?

Marie Hullett

Before we talk about bangs, let's talk about your hair right now. Check the mirror. Are you feeling it?

Have you had bangs before? If so, how did they make you feel?

Did you recently go through a breakup?

Whether your coworker is loudly munching on chips with their mouth wide open or someone keeps texting you every other minute, how annoyed do you tend to get with others?

Time to wake up! How many times do you press snooze in the morning?

On an average day, how long do you spend styling your hair (including blowdrying, if applicable)?

What's your hair texture like?

Most face shapes fall into four main categories. Which one do you have?

How emotionally stable do you feel in life right now, on a scale of 1 being the least stable and 4 being the most stable?

Time to slip into something fancy. Do you like getting ready for a big night out?

Let's take a look inside your bathroom cupboard. How many styling products do you use?

Speaking of hair products, how close are you and dry shampoo?

Which one of these high school yearbook superlatives should you be awarded?

Products can definitely tame frizz, but let's talk about the hair you were born with. Would you describe your locks as frizzy?

Whether you're waiting in line at the grocery store or stuck in fully stopped traffic, how patient are you?

Which one of these trendy Instagram sweet treats best represents your true personality?

How often do you head to the hairdresser?

Time to peruse red carpet photos for the best looks. Which of these celebs will you turn to for style inspiration?

Speaking of style, how bold would you say your sartorial choices are?

Are you a fan of Bella Hadid's brief stint with bangs?

Whether you're starting a new job or going sky diving, how open are you to new experiences?

Whether you hit the gym, ride your bike around the city or practice tae kwon do, how much of an active lifestyle do you lead?

Do you think you're prepared to carry a comb around in your purse at all times and frequently head to the restroom for touchups?

Would you describe yourself as someone who lives with regret?

Since your bangs will lay across your forehead all day, they may impact your skin. So, which general skin type do you have?

No one wants bangs glued to their forehead on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, sweat production might play a role in whether you'll love or loathe your bangs. How much do you tend to sweat?

Which one of these internet acronyms do you relate to most?

Let's get serious. Are you willing to die for ~fashun~?

How do you feel about your bangs obscuring your eyebrows?

What about when they grow over your eyes and you can't see?

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About This Quiz

Sure, hair might just be some strands of dead protein hanging from your head, but it feels a whole lot more important than that. From bleach jobs to bang trims, a trip to the hairstylist can sometimes even feel like a serious existential conundrum. When you arrive, you're yourself. When you leave, you very well might look like a completely different human—and you miraculously feel like one, too. 

So, if you've ever asked yourself the age-old question, "Should I get bangs?" you might not know where to turn. Your friends say that they'd look amazing, but they have to say that, right? Meanwhile, Vice Media once said that bangs are a "symbol of psychic unrest and spiritual chaos" only suitable for non-adults. Technically, adolescence was the last time you rocked bangs—and when you were a toddler (and they happened to look amazing). Still, one glance at Suki Waterhouse or Solange will prove that Vice journalist dead wrong. You'd at least think that you could rely on a "fashion bible" like Vogue for answers, but the writers are always eternally changing their minds. What are you supposed to do? 

Fortunately, this quiz holds all the hair-related advice you need. Simply answer the following questions, and we will expertly comb through your answers to determine whether you should, or should not, get bangs. Let's see if it's time to surrender your hair to the chopping block! 

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