Quiz: Quiz: Should You Live Here?
Quiz: Should You Live Here?
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Finding the right place to rent or buy can be a grueling, decision-filled process. But to really do it right, it's important to decide what type of neighborhood you're looking for. See if you're ready to find the perfect neighborhood with our "Should You Live Here?" quiz.

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You have an active and social family. Your real estate agent shows you homes in a neighborhood with no sidewalks. Should you live here?
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You've always wanted to live near the beach, and you found a foreclosure in the perfect location just below your budget. But because of its location, the property taxes make it more than your current monthly mortgage payment. Should you live here?
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You drove through a neighborhood once on your lunch break and fell in love with the look and quietness. Should you live here?
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Should someone who does not want to have kids consider school zones in their neighborhood choice?
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True or False: If you see a neighborhood with lots of kids playing in the street, it's a good choice for a family with children.
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You found a neighborhood in a great school zone, with a low crime rate and lots of amenities nearby, but it will double your commute to work. Should you live here?
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You've visited a neighborhood at all different times of the day, and it is always quiet, which is essential for your at-home job. Even though it doesn't have the bike trails nearby you hoped for, should you live here?
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True or False: Sidewalks should be on your list of criteria for a great neighborhood.
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You found a great neighborhood with a low crime rate, great schools, lots of amenities and it's right by your office. But, it's family-oriented and you wanted a hip, urban feel. Should you live here?
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True or False: A street full of foreclosures isn't a warning sign of a bad neighborhood; it's proof you're getting a great deal on a home.
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On your first drive through a neighborhood, you notice an unusual smell. You visit three other times that week, and the odor is absent. Should you live here?
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You find a neighborhood that isn't very convenient to major highways, but it's just what you're looking for with everything you need in walking distance. Should you live here?
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On a Saturday afternoon, there are children playing in their yards and older couples sitting on their porches. You're looking for a kid-friendly neighborhood. Should you live here?
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True or False: You don't have to visit a neighborhood to choose the best one for you; a simple Internet search will do.
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You've always wanted to live on the beach. You found a great deal within walking distance of the beach with great amenities nearby. The only thing is, the neighborhood has a higher than usual crime rate. Should you live here?
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You've been looking for a new urban redevelopment with lots of amenities within walking distance. You find the perfect place, but the condo building is mostly empty after just a year of sales. Should you live here?
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You found a neighborhood you love and check to make sure you can afford the property taxes. You find they are in your budget because they have significantly decreased in the last year. Should you live here?
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You're pregnant and found the perfect neighborhood for your new family. It's very far away from a hospital, but your doctor's office is just about 30 minutes away. Should you live here?
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On your first drive through a neighborhood, you notice "for rent" signs on a particular street. When you ask a neighbor about them, you find out college students usually rent the houses, and school is out for the summer. Should you live here?
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True or False: If you're moving from another state, it's perfectly fine to allow your real estate agent or friend to make the decision about the right neighborhood for you without seeing it yourself.
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