Should You Wear Your Hair Up or Down Tomorrow?

Steven Miller

How much activity did you have on tap for today?

How much time will you have to do your hair tomorrow?

Do you have plans to attend a formal event tomorrow?

How would you describe the current condition of your hair?

How often do you wear your hair in a ponytail?

How much sleep do you anticipate getting tonight?

Will you have anyone who can help with your hair tomorrow?

Will you be participating in an athletic event of any kind tomorrow?

What is the weather predicted to be like for tomorrow?

Are you more likely to add curls to your hair or to try and tame the curls you already have?

How tired are you right now?

How packed is your schedule for tomorrow?

Are you working tomorrow?

How frizzy is your hair right now?

When was the last time you braided your hair?

How badly do you need a vacation?

What time do you have to be somewhere to start your day?

If you're working tomorrow, do you have an important presentation to make?

How much have you been stressing your hair through styling recently?

How regularly do you wear your hair in a bun?

Is beauty sleep or beautiful hair more vital for your day tomorrow?

How long has it been since you did something new to your hair?

Do you have a first date or special event with your significant other tomorrow?

How well would you say you take care of the health of your hair?

Which hairstyle is the most common for you to wear your hair in?

How high are your current energy levels?

Does the thought of doing your hair tomorrow make you excited or do you dread it?

How late do you expect you'll be out and about tomorrow night?

How well does your hair hold styling?

Are you attending a wedding tomorrow?

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About This Quiz

The way you are feeling, the activities you have planned, and the current condition of your hair are all factors to consider when you decide how to wear your hair. Let's take a look at them all to find the right hairstyle for the day ahead.

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