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Why did Darth Bane create the rule that only two Sith lords could ever exist at the same time?

Bane's mentor/student Sith limitation was designed to keep them from constantly fighting amongst themselves.


Who founded the Sith order?

A rogue Jedi embraced the Dark Side and founded the Sith.


Asajj Ventress trained as a Sith apprentice under whom?

Dooku (aka Darth Tyranus) took Ventress as his apprentice in violation of the Rule of Two in hopes of overthrowing Sidious and ruling the galaxy in his stead.


Did Ventress ever become a Sith lord and take a Darth name?

Sidious suspected Tyranus' plans and ordered him to kill Ventress, and the betrayal caused her to leave the Sith order.


Who was the last Sith?

When Vader killed the emperor (Darth Sidious) and shortly after renounced the Dark Side and died, the Sith ceased to exist. However, other adherents to the Sith ways went on to form their own variant Sith orders.


Which of these is NOT a Sith lord?

There has never been a Darth Mogris.


What was the name of the Sith organization in the era before Darth Bane reformed it as the Sith Order?

The Sith Empire was organized as the Brotherhood of Darkness by a Sith lord named Skere Kaan. Bane orchestrated the Brotherhood's demise.


What is the name of the Sith "homeworld"?

The early Sith selected Moraband as their home planet, building their temples and tombs there. The planet is sometimes known as Korriban.


Where on Moraband is Darth Bane entombed?

The Valley of the Dark Lords is much like Egypt's Valley of the Kings (where many kings are buried) — many Sith lords are buried there, including Darth Bane.


What species is Darth Maul?

Maul is a native of the planet Dathomir.


What order of dark magic users raised Darth Maul?

Maul's mother was a Nightsister.


What planet does Maul end up on after he is seemingly killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Maul is carried to Lotho Minor on a ship full of garbage.


What is notable about Darth Maul's lightsaber, which is based on a traditional Dathomir weapon called a Zhaboka?

Maul's lightsaber is dual-bladed like a Zhaboka.


What Dark Side order does Kylo Ren belong to?

Though Kylo Ren is a Dark Side Force user, he belongs to the Knights of Ren, not the Sith .


What Sith lord does Kylo Ren venerate?

Ren is obsessed with his grandfather, Darth Vader.


What former possession of Vader's does Ren use as a shrine?

Ren often speaks to Vader's burned and melted helmet.


What Force power does Darth Vader use to chastise Admiral Motti at the meeting concerning the Death Star?

Vader nearly strangles Motti with a Force choke before Grand Moff Tarkin steps in.


What makes Darth Vader begin to suspect he has a son who is working with the Rebels?

Vader senses that one of the X-wing pilots has powerful Force abilities.


What is Form V?

Form V is a way of fighting with lightsabers practiced by Darth Vader and other Sith and Jedi warriors.


How does Darth Vader learn that Leia is his daughter?

Vader probes Luke's mind at Endor.


Who is the Sith Lord Savage Opress' brother?

Savage Opress is Darth Maul's brother.


Who trains Savage Opress?

Tyranus is Opress' Sith master, but Ventress also trains him to help her overthrow Tyranus as part of a complex plot.


Who becomes Savage Opress' Sith master after the Tyranus/Ventress situation ends poorly?

Opress becomes a Sith apprentice to his brother, Darth Maul.


Who kills Savage Opress?

Opress and his brother become too powerful, posing a threat to Sidious' Sith ambitions.


Who is known as the Dark Lady of the Sith?

Lumiya, who became a Sith lord under Darth Vader, is a character with a rich history in the "Star Wars" comic books.


How does Darth Vectivus exert influence over events in the "Star Wars" universe?

Vectivus interacts with Lumiya and Nelani Dinn as a Force ghost.


Who is Freedon Nadd?

Nadd killed his Jedi master then trained under Naga Sadow. He learned about the Dark Side before ruling as king of Onderon and becoming a focus of Dark Side power after his death.


Complete the following rhyme: "He may look like an innocent Bith, but he's really a lord of the Sith. Though his real name is now celebrous, we know him as Darth …"

Its Darth Tenebrous, proof that not all Bith just hang out in cantinas playing in bands.


What species is Darth Venamis?

Venamis is the other Sith Bith, trained by Darth Tenebrous.


Darth Gean battles her master to prevent him from destroying Sith artifacts. Who is her master?

Gean and Gravid fought to prevent Gravid from destroying Sith lore. Gean won but was seriously injured.


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