Quiz: Can You Translate These Slang Words From the '80s?
Can You Translate These Slang Words From the '80s?
By: Robin Tyler
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About This Quiz

Bro, like can you dig where I am coming from on this slang quiz? We bet you'll be totally bad at it!

If you were an '80s kid then your love of neon, Madonna, tie-dye and aerobics are only matched by your love of '80s slang. And how you want it to replace modern slang, which let's be honest, can go eat our shorts. Lit? More like Loser with a capital L!

Don't have a cow though, dude, this gnarly quiz will get you in that '80s mood all over again! A time when men could have perms, women could wear shoulder pads and where the slang was as gnarly as it got. Chee'uh! Am I right? Whether you are a geek, a nerd, a zeek or had a bod, you are going to TOTALLY remember all these slang terms from the 1980's. Right?

Word! This dope quiz is totally tubular. So let's see just how much about the 1980's, and the unique slang it offered, you remember. Some slang will be very obvious, while other words and terms will push your knowledge of the cultural zeitgeist to its limits. No sweat dudette! You got this! Good luck!

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If you were totally "bad" in the '80s you were ______?
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"Totally" became an instant favorite in the 1980s. What meaning did it have?
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If your friend said something was looking "choice", it meant?
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When your friend said "gag me with a spoon" they mean what exactly?
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"Let's bounce" meant what exactly?
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If you were labeled a "zeek" you were what exactly?
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Those said to have a "bod" were known for their?
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What does "chee'uh" mean?
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"Bag your face" is something teenagers might say to each other in the 1980s. What does it mean?
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When someone used "gnarly" to describe something, they meant it was _______?
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The term "duh" closely matches which word below?
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In the 1980s, when you were looking for "grindage", you wanted what?
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If something was "totally tubular" it was _______?
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What does "that's grody" mean?
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A true classic from the 1980's, what does "word" mean?
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If someone asked you, "What's your damage?" What do they mean?
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"Barf me out" shows that you are ______?
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When someone says they were "amped", they were?
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What does the '80s slang term "bitchin'" mean?
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When accused of been a "bogart", what were you doing?
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If you "dis" someone in the '80s, what are you doing?
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A friend who asked for a "freddy" wanted what?
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School consisted of various groups. Who were the "jocks"?
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Mom bought you new "kicks". What did she get you?
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A friend labelled a "narc" was a ______
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When something was "righteous" it was?
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When walking into a room, if someone said "Sup" to you, what were they saying?
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If you asked your friend to go skate but he wanted to "veg" what was he going to do?
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