Quiz: Slayer and Friends: The 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' Characters Quiz
Slayer and Friends: The 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' Characters Quiz
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Buffy doesn’t slay vamps alone. She has a whole Scooby Gang, plus assorted teachers, allies, friends, frenemies (or outright villains), family members and boyfriends to help her out. (They also cause trouble and get in way over their heads and accidentally summon demons and so on). Can you identify each "Buffy" character based on a short description? Sure, some of them are easy. Some, not so much.

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A depraved and brutal vampire famous for his acts of cruelty, he later gains a soul and feels remorse for all he has done. His relationship with Buffy Summers is complicated by the curse that gave him his soul.
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An amoral wizard who knew Giles back when they were both rebellious punks using magic to stir up trouble, he becomes a potent and recurring enemy to Buffy and friends because he's willing to sell his dark magic abilities to anyone who's willing to pay, including demons.
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Seemingly a student at University of California, Sunnydale, he's really an operative for a secret government group called the Initiative. He gets in a relationship with Buffy, but the Initiative's goals often conflict with hers, complicating things.
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Originally a popular Sunnydale High student who uses her popularity to harass Buffy, she eventually becomes a member of the Scooby Gang, even having a relationship with Xander despite its effect on her status.
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Emotionally unstable, she revels in her powers as a Slayer but doesn’t always use them for good. Buffy puts her in a coma at one point, and she spends some time in prison.
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She's Buffy's little sister who doesn’t actually exist. Until she does.
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He's a grinning, glad-handing politician who abhors foul language. He's also a wizard who's a few hundred years old and wants to become immortal at any cost.
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He's your average music-obsessed teenage boy, involved in an on-again, off-again relationship with Willow. Also, he's a werewolf.
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A harsh psychology professor at University of California, Sunnydale, she also leads the Initiative, a government organization that mercilessly hunts vampires and demons.
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One of the popular "mean girls" at Sunnydale High, her transformation into a vampire didn’t make her any less vapid or shallow, only more evil (probably).
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A core Scooby Gang member, her research skills and, later, powerful witchcraft are integral to Buffy's success.
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Formerly a popular cheerleader, her life becomes complicated when she's chosen as the Slayer. She burns down her high school gym battling a vampire and later has a complicated romantic relationship with another vampire.
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An average guy who struggles to sustain successful relationships mainly due to his own feelings of inadequacy as a nonmagic human along Slayers, demons, witches and Watchers, he nevertheless is a core member of the Scooby Gang.
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First a trouble-making teen summoning flying monkeys, then a member of the villainous Trio, later part of the Scooby Gang and ultimately a Watcher helping train Slayers, this wizard is much more well-known than his older brother.
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A computer science teacher at Sunnydale High, she is also a member of the gypsy family that cursed Angel with a soul.
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She becomes a Slayer when Buffy briefly dies, coming from Jamaica to Sunnydale only to be killed by Drusilla.
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Initially very shy, she meets Willow at UC Sunnydale, and together they explore witchcraft and their growing romantic feelings for each other. Her death leads to the emergence of Dark Willow.
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This terrifying vampire was originally a terrible poet named William Pratt. He gradually develops a moral center and assists Buffy, falling in love with her.
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He's Buffy's father, who rarely appears except in dreams and flashbacks.
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A Sunnydale High student, he becomes a magic-using villain who mind-wipes his own girlfriend into being a sex slave and shoots Tara through the heart while trying to shoot Buffy.
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Although being the mother of a Slayer brings many dangers, she survives a brain tumor only to die of a brain aneurysm.
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Initially a Sunnydale High student who is constantly the victim of various supernatural problems (an Incan mummy, a demonic Bezoar, the swim team, etc.) before joining the villainous Trio, he is ultimately sacrificed on the Seal of Danzalthar by his Trio comrades.
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A witch who is turned into a rat, she regains her human form years later. Her influence on the events in Willow's life is insidiously far-reaching.
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The principal at Sunnydale High after the prior principal was killed, he is the son of a Slayer, was raised by a Watcher and is trained to hunt vampires.
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The principal at Sunnydale High when Buffy first arrives at the school, he is devoured by students who are possessed by the spirits of hyenas.
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A Slayer in the period when hundreds of Slayers are active around the world, she is Willow's girlfriend after Tara's death.
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She becomes Xander's love interest, even getting engaged at one point, but her true identity as a vengeance demon makes long-term happiness difficult for them to achieve together.
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She had psychic powers even before becoming a vampire, and the combination drove her mad. She has a long, long, long-term relationship with Spike.
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It can’t be easy being the principal of a high school on a Hellmouth, with a Slayer causing so much trouble even though he got her expelled. He ended up being eaten by a demon snake anyway.
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Once a punk rocker nicknamed Ripper, he becomes a magic expert and mentor, confidant and Watcher for Slayer Buffy Summers.
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