Quiz: Solve This! The Sliding Puzzle Quiz
Solve This! The Sliding Puzzle Quiz
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They're addictive, engrossing and maddening. Sliders have been around for well over a century, but you still may have a lot to learn about these braintwisters.

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What is the first sliding puzzle commonly known as?
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What shape were the pieces of the original sliding puzzle, the 15 Puzzle?
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How many 15 Puzzle configurations are solvable?
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The 15 Puzzle became popular in which year?
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Who was the inventor of the 15 Puzzle?
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True or False: The simpler a sliding puzzle's design, the easier it is to solve.
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Why was the Pennant Puzzle of 1909 harder to solve than earlier sliding puzzles?
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True or False: Even computers have a hard time solving sliding puzzles.
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Ma's Puzzle, released in 1927, introduced what element into sliding puzzles?
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The Japanese sliding puzzle Sokoban represents what kind of worker?
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What professional group has a history of sliding puzzle analysis?
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Rubik's Cube, a relative of the sliding puzzle, created a sensation in which decade?
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How long did it take chess champion Bobby Fischer to solve Rubik's Cube?
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What is the world's record for solving Rubik's Cube?
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Which renowned puzzle inventor has an annual puzzle design award named for him?
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