Real Slogan or Random Gibberish?

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This quiz wouldn't be half as fun if it only included the good slogans. Try your hand at guessing the almost-incomprehensibly bad taglines and the ugly truth behind some of our favorites.

What cheerful tagline did Bacardi use to promote its rum called Bacardi Spice?

So a drink that tastes like it was created in the depths of Hades sounds exactly like a really bad cheap rum. Points for honesty, Bacardi.

What not-known-for-fun organization decided to use the phrase "Whoo hoo!" for a slogan?

Before being acquired by J.P. Morgan Chase in 2008, Washington Mutual Bank decided to rebrand itself as the drunk person at the party.

OK, one more: Why did WaMu decide to put that "h" in its "whoo" when we all know it should be "woo"?

The company may have been cultivating a spirit of whimsy, but its lawyers were not about to step on a "Simpsons" tagline.

Sara Lee execs clearly wanted to sound down-home when they thought of this slogan:

Heck, some poor copywriter needed a tagline by the end of the day.

What was NOT a FedEx slogan?

The FedEx marketing department seemed to be made up of everyone's groan-inducing uncle for any number of years, but they weren't about to get hands-on.

What Campbell's soup slogan was pulled because of FDA complaints about its accuracy?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration didn't think soup was that good, considering its high sodium levels, and told Campbell's to cut the tagline.

Did you know Nike actually tried out another tagline in the 1990s? Pick the one the company gave a go.

Can you really? As you might've noticed, the slogan switch didn't work, and Nike pulled it.

Some companies just don't excel in creativity. Which slogan is NOT real?

These former Tyson and Exxon slogans don't leave much to the imagination.

One slogan for Denny's described the Denny's experience thusly:

We appreciate the description of sitting and eating, but we can't necessarily vouch for its accuracy.

Who told you, rather brusquely, to "Drive One"?

Ford wasn't messing around; you either drive one or you don't.

What Yoda-sounding tagline is NOT real?

Electronics manufacturer Olivetti conjures the force, while Burger King asks you to think Zen about your flame-grilled Whopper.

What cringe-worthy slogan would give a start to any woman who was asked the question in reality?

We've never heard a woman say that she wished her Playtex bra brand was more recognizable to strangers on the street, but we cannot speak for all women.

What was Long John Silver's inscrutable onetime slogan?

Are the fish saying, "Oh man, why are you eating me?"

What elementary school taunt did Jack in the Box use to promote its bacon menu-items?

No bacon matrimony is in our future. Do they want us to eat the bacon, or do they want us to go home and tell our mom that we want to be transferred to a private school?

What kind of creepy slogan did (then) Mobil seem to pull out of a leading man's line in a dramatic romance?

It's like Mobil was breaking up with us and saying that it only wanted us to find happiness. Don't worry Mobil; we survived.

When did M&Ms introduce the "melts in your mouth, not in your hands" slogan?

For more than 50 years, M&Ms have made their way swiftly to consumers' mouths without a challenge.

What company probably wished its slogan was not "ask why?"

Enron probably wished it had stuck with something like, "Just go with it."

What antagonistic slogan is NOT real?

FileMaker Software and Greyhound sound crabby, but at least they're not telling us to stay out of their way.

When did The New York Times begin to use the slogan "all the news that's fit to print"?

The Gray Lady has been using the same slogan since 1896.

What celebrity was featured in the first "Got Milk" ad?

OK, it's kind of cheating, but the "Who shot Alexander Hamilton?" television ad was the first use of the slogan "Got Milk?" MORE IMPORTANT FACT: Michael Bay directed that commercial.

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