Know how to capture light with slow shutter speed? Take this quiz!


True or false: A slow shutter speed allows a camera sensor to capture more light.

True. The longer the camera shutter is open, the more light the image sensor is exposed to.

Slow shutter speeds are often called ____ shutter speeds as well.

The phrase long shutter speed means the same thing as slow shutter speed. A camera's shutter remains open for an unusually long period of time to capture more light.

Slow shutter photography is usually performed in these kinds of lighting conditions.

Slow shutter speed photography is performed in low light conditions because the camera's sensor is exposed to light for such a prolonged period of time.

Which type of photography is good at capturing a crisp action shot with no motion blur?

Fast shutter speeds capture a very brief moment in time, isolating movement without blur.

Normal or fast shutter speeds are denoted in ____ of seconds.

While slow shutter speeds can be expressed in full seconds, minutes or even hours, most shutter speeds are only thousandths of seconds long.

This camera mode simplifies slow shutter shooting by automating aperture settings.

Shutter priority allows the photographer to set the shutter timing. The camera adjusts aperture to match.

A camera's bulb mode allows photographers to do what?

Bulb mode allows photographers to keep the camera shutter open as long as the shutter button is depressed.

This piece of camera gear is a must for slow sutter photography.

When the shutter is open for a long time, even the slightest camera shake can result in a blurred image. Don't hold the camera. Use a tripod!

This cheap camera add-on helps reduce camera shake.

A cable release allows photographers to open or close the shutter without actually touching the camera.

A cable release, or shutter release, allows photographers to do which of these things to a shutter?

Some shutter releases offer a simple locking mechanism to hold the shutter open.

One of these makes it possible to shoot during the day with a slow shutter.

A natural density filter will help keep photographs from being blown out with too much light during long exposures.

True or false: With a long enough shutter speed, photos taken at night can be bright enough to look like they were shot during the day.

A little moonlight and a long exposure time can make a night shoot look like a day shot.

This art form is one of the most common uses for slow shutter photography.

The rapid movement of bright light creates light trails against a dark backdrop, allowing photographers to "paint" their frames with light sources.

A camera shutter is located where?

The camera shutter is located within the camera body, between the image sensor and lens.

This feature will override a camera's normal decision to shoot with a high shutter speed when using a flash.

Slow sync flash tells a camera to shoot at a slow shutter speed, picking up ambient light, while using the flash to secure a sharp photograph.

Which flash mode fires at the last second to illuminate the main subject of a photo?

Rear curtain sync mode fires at the end of an exposure, freezing motion just as the camera stops collecting light.

In point-and-shoot cameras, slow sync flash mode is sometimes called what?

Since slow shutter speeds and flashes are often used at night, slow sync flash is sometimes simplified to night mode.

When photographing nature, which of these effects comes from slow shutter speeds?

Slow shutter speeds will cause natural motion blur. Instead of capturing a freeze frame of a waterfall, you can create the illusion of motion!

True or false: Camera shake and motion blur are the same thing.

False. Camera shake is introduced by the photographer, while motion blur comes from the movement of objects in the shot.

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