Quiz: Quiz: How well do you know your small appliances?
Quiz: How well do you know your small appliances?
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From our blender to our toaster and our hair dryer to our fan, small appliances play a big part in making our lives easier and more comfortable. Learning as much as you can about how they work makes sense. Take our quiz to see if you know how they do their magic.

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What color is the "hot" wire in your electrical appliances?
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What do we call the force that moves electrical current through a circuit?
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How do heating appliances convert electrical energy into heat?
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What are cord wires connected to inside a small appliance?
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Which of these appliance cords is the thinnest?
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What is the electrical current rating of most small appliances?
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Which of the following is an example of a small appliance control?
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Which of the following small appliances might have a rheostat to increase or decrease motor speed?
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Which part of a toaster is designed to release trapped breadcrumbs?
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Which tool is best suited for checking a coffee maker's thermostat?
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What is the biggest danger to a blender motor?
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Which is NOT suggested preventative maintenance to keep a blender working well?
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If your garbage disposal is leaking from underneath the unit, what should you do?
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What component of the vacuum cleaner loosens dirt in the floor covering?
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Which part in a hair dryer is included for safety?
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