For Soccer Fans: We'll Give You Three Players, You Give Us the Country they Play for!
by J.P. Naomi

Whether you're calling it football or soccer, if you're a fan of the sport, you know there's a ton of expert athletes who have come on the field. While many of them represent a club team, you'll always see them go back to their countries. If we give you three players, can you give us the country they play for?

If you wanted to know where soccer was invented, you'd have a hard time pinpointing the location. Some say that it was created in ancient China, while other countries like Greece and Rome might also take credit for the sport. Regardless of its questionable origins, there is one thing that is indisputable. Soccer is the most played sport on the planet! According to FIFA, there are more than 265 million people who play the game!

When you think about the players of the sport, you might think of your favorite club teams. You might be a fan of Manchester United or FC Bayern Munich. Maybe you're fighting over Spain between Real Madrid and Barcelona. While everyone loves these club teams, once the World Cup comes around, these teams settle down so these players can represent their countries. Barcelona teammates might be going head to head from Brazil and Argentina. Real Madrid teammates are separating all over Europe and South America. 

By the time the FIFA World Cup rolls around, all the stars from the club teams go home to represent their country. If we give you three players, can you give us the country they play for?

It's time for you to step up to the goal and prove it! Let's just hope you're not left with a red flag by the end of it.

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