Quiz: Which Southern City Is Your Heart In?
Which Southern City Is Your Heart In?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Art Wager/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

The American South has been stereotyped as a place that is highly divided along racial lines, deeply backward in its approach to women's rights, and entirely too hot and sticky for any sane person to want to live there. However, the truth is that despite a very bloody past mired in the shame of slavery of both men and women, and the disenfranchising of even free women, today's South cannot be neatly squashed into a single cartoonishly stereotypical box. As for the weather, it's only unbearable three months out of the year, and they do have air conditioning, you know!

Today, the South is full of places that teem with culture, history and opportunity. From the varied musical traditions of New Orleans and Nashville to the rocket men and women of Cape Canaveral and Houston; from the vibrant theater scene of Atlanta to the weird and wonderful alt scene of Austin; from the farmlands of Oklahoma to the sprawling mega-metropolis of Houston, there's a bit of everything to be had.

So, which state in the Sun Belt holds your heart? Take our quiz and we'll figure out where your place in the sun should be!

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