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Forget hiding out in a coffin and only coming out at night. Charlaine Harris' vampires are ready to step out of the shadows, but many haven't abandoned their bloodsucking ways. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of the world of Sookie Stackhouse!

What year was the first book in the series published?

Charlaine Harris published "Dead Until Dark" in 2001, and more than a dozen titles and a TV show followed.


What does narrator Sookie Stackhouse live?

Narrator Sookie Stackhouse is a waitress at Merlotte's in Bon Temps, Louisiana.


What event signals to the vampires that it's time to go public?

With the availability of Tru Blood, a synthetic blood product, the vampires feel that it's safe to come out of the shadows.


What supernatural ability does Sookie possess?

Sookie is telepathic, though she eventually discovers that she can't read vampire minds.


What is the name of the vampire whom Sookie meets at work in "Dead Until Dark"?

Sookie meets Civil War veteran and vampire Bill Compton at work, and the two quickly become an item.


What term describes people who steal blood from vampires?

Sookie saves Bill from the Rattrays, a couple of drainers who hope to steal his blood and sell it for a profit.


What is glamour?

Vampires have the ability to glamour unsuspecting humans. This supernatural hypnosis can be used to convince the human to do something or even rewrite his memory.


True or false: Every human who drinks vampire blood becomes a vampire.

A sip of vampire blood simply makes a human stronger. Transforming a human into a vampire requires a two-way blood exchange.


What is the name of Eric's bar?

Eric runs the bar Fangtasia and also serves as sheriff in the Bon Temps area.


What city does Sookie head to in the second book in the series?

In "Living Dead in Dallas," Sookie and Bill head to Dallas to search for a missing vampire.


True or false: The Fellowship of the Sun fights for vampire rights.

The FOTS sees vampires as a threat to humans and actively fights against them.


Who is Bill Compton's maker?

Lorena is a vampire and Bill's maker. In the 2003 novel "Club Dead," she summons her protege to Mississippi.


What name does Elvis Presley use in the series?

The real Elvis was transformed into a brain-dead vampire named Bubba. While he tries to stay out of sight, he's the reason for all those post-death Elvis sightings on the news.


What form does Sam Merlotte take when he transforms?

Shape-shifter Sam Merlotte prefers to take the form of a collie when he transforms.


What group of beings does Hallow belong to?

Marnie, also known as Hallow, heads a witch coven in "Dead to the World." Oh, and she's also a werewolf.


What animal does Jason turn into in "Dead as a Doornail"?

Jason transforms into a werepanther in the 2005 novel.


What is the name of Sookie's fairy godmother?

Sookie's fairy godmother, Claudine, saves Sookie after her house burns down in the fifth book in the series.


What is the name of the New Orleans witch who shows up in "Definitely Dead"?

Sookie and witch Amelia Broadway are attacked by a vampire in New Orleans in the 2006 book.


Who is the queen of Louisiana?

Sophie-Anne Leclerq is queen of Louisiana, though her power is in jeopardy after she is blamed for her husband's murder in "All Together Dead."


Who is Sookie dating at the start of "From Dead to Worse"?

When the 2008 novel opens, Sookie's weretiger boyfriend, Quinn, is missing.


True or false: Sookie finds out that she is part werewolf in "From Dead to Worse."

Sookie learns that she is descended from fairies and that she has 1/8 fairy blood in the eighth book in the series.


Who is Sookie's fairy great-grandfather?

Niall Brigant is Sookie's great-grandfather, who eventually decides to break ties with the fairy world for the sake of humanity.


Who goes public as a shape-shifter in "Dead and Gone"?

In the 2009 novel, werewolves and shifters decide it's time to go public, prompting Sam to come out as a shifter.


Who is Sookie dating at the start of "Dead in the Family"?

Sookie has left Bill behind and taken up with Eric as she struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder after being tortured by a pair of fairies.


Whom does Eric's maker order Eric to marry in "Deadlocked"?

Appius Livius Ocella orders Eric to marry Oklahoma Queen Freyda, despite the fact that he is dating Sookie at the time.


Whose life does Sookie save using the cluviel dor in "Dead Ever After"?

Sookie uses the magic tool to save Sam's life after he was killed by Jannalynn — much to Eric's dismay.


What is the name of Sookie's demon godfather?

Desmond Cataliades is not only Sookie's godfather, but also the one who gave her telepathic powers.


What year did the series finally premiere on TV?

Fans of the series were thrilled when "True Blood" premiered in 2008. It ran for seven seasons, ending in 2014.


Who plays Sookie in "True Blood"?

Oscar winner Anna Paquin took on the role of narrator Sookie Stackhouse in the series.


What role on the show is played by actor Stephen Moyer?

Moyer plays Bill Compton. He and Anna Paquin are also an off-screen couple, and they married in 2010.


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