Quiz: The Ultimate Space-saving Plants Quiz
The Ultimate Space-saving Plants Quiz
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About This Quiz

Discover plants for small spaces and choose the right plants for your home.Take this quiz and test your knowledge of plants for small spaces.

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The weeping Norway spruce is famous for growing outward instead of upward. How wide can the weeping Norway spruce grow?
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Why is the weeping Norway spruce a low maintenance plant?
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Why will planting a Japanese maple add drama to your outdoor space?
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The Japanese maple has shallow roots which grow out horizontally. What type of hole should you dig for it?
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If you have a small garden and love conifer trees, you may want to consider what plant for your garden?
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What may happen if you move a braided focus tree to a new location?
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The braided ficus is known as an indoor plant, but can be used outside in what type of climate?
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The braided ficus is part tree and part ________ , making it possible to braid its branches.
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Why are Chinese evergreens a good choice for an indoor corner of your home?
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Chinese evergreens come in beautiful shades of green and:
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How may species of orchids are there to choose from?
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What sun exposure is best for orchids?
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How long can the ponytail palm store water in its trunk?
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What should you do if your ponytail palm's leaves turn brown?
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What is special about the leaves of an African violet?
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