Quiz: Spaced Out: Space Shuttle Quiz
Spaced Out: Space Shuttle Quiz
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At its best, the space shuttle is the embodiment of 20th-century scientific progress. At its worst, the shuttle is a symbol of the dangers that come with space travel. Take this quiz to see how much you know about the space shuttle program.

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What is the top speed of a space shuttle as it orbits Earth?
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At this speed, how often does the shuttle crew watch the sun rise or set?
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How long does a typical space shuttle mission last?
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What is the longest amount of time a shuttle has stayed in orbit during a mission?
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True or false: The combined mileage of the five space shuttles equals the distance between Earth and Jupiter.
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Which space shuttle accumulated the most career miles?
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Who is the only president to have witnessed a space shuttle launch firsthand?
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What percentage of the thrust necessary to lift a space shuttle do the solid rocket boosters (SRBs) provide?
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The main engine's external fuel tank primarily contains …
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Which of the following is NOT a reason the external fuel tank is covered with a special, inch-thick layer of foam insulation?
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What part of the shuttle orbiter contains the main engines?
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What is the shuttle's heat shield — it's thermal protection system — made from?
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What does the "STS" prefix in front of NASA mission names indicate?
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What U.S. president announced the development of the space shuttle?
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Which of the following occurs at T plus 8.5 minutes of a typical shuttle launch?
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What caused Challenger to break apart at the beginning of what would have been the shuttle's 10th flight?
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Who was the first astronaut to tweet from space?
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True or false: The space shuttle external tank (ET) is left unpainted.
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Which space shuttle component is NOT reusable?
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What's the biggest crew that could fly in a space shuttle orbiter?
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How many people have flown on shuttle missions?
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The power from the three main engines is equivalent to the energy created by which energy source?
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What damaged part failed to protect the Columbia and its seven-astronaut crew as the shuttle attempted to re-enter Earth's atmosphere on Feb. 1, 2003?
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Which was the last song played during the final wake-up call for the last shuttle crew?
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True or false: A Buzz Lightyear figure from "Toy Story" has been to the International Space Station.
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How long did 12-inch Buzz spend in orbit?
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After decades of shuttle missions, when did the space shuttle program officially end?
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