Quiz: World Records: Speed
World Records: Speed
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Breaking a land-speed record with a jet-engine-powered supercar is obviously not in the cards for the average joe. But when you check out this quiz, you'll realize you don't need to be an Air Force pilot or professional athlete to set a world record.

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In October 2004, Xu Zhenjun set the marathon world record -- for running it backwards. How long did it take him?
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The world record for fastest manned aircraft was set in 1976 in a Lockheed SR-71A "Blackbird." What was that record?
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In 2006, American tennis player Andy Roddick hit the fastest serve in history. How fast was it?
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American Chris Carr set a now-broken land speed record in 2006 when he drove a motorcycle one kilometer at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. How fast did he go?
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Englishman Marek Turowski drove a motorized sofa to the world record for "fastest furniture." How fast was that sofa moving?
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The ball in the game of jai alai is propelled faster than the projectile in any other sport. How fast can a jai alai ball go?
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In 1990, American Tom Jager recorded the fastest-ever average speed for a swimmer. How fast did he go?
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Briton Andy Green set the land-speed record when he drove a Thrust SSC (that's a car) one mile in Nevada. What's the record?
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In 2006, Italy's Simone Origone set the highest recorded speed for a skier. How fast was he schussing?
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A guy named Edd China drove a desk across London's Westminster Bridge in 2006, setting the world record for "fastest office." What's the record?
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