Quiz: Spend $100 at Target and We'll Accurately Guess Your Age!
Spend $100 at Target and We'll Accurately Guess Your Age!
By: Amanda M.
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

Let's pretend you have an extra $100 to spend at Target! The things you choose to buy and the way you fill your cart will help us correctly guess your age. Would you splurge on yourself or would you stock up the household pantry? Spending your $100 at Target can happen any way you like, but we'll be looking for little clues that will give away your age. 

Stacking your cart full of paper towels and toiletries could indicate that you like to be prepared. Therefore, you might be a little older than some of your fellow shoppers. We're not saying that young people aren't prepared. We're saying that we tend to spend money differently when we age. Entire markets and their demographics are based upon receipts all over the country, but we just want to take a look at yours. 

Browse the aisles for the things that catch your eye the most. We promise not to judge even if you fill your cart with nothing but candy bars and condoms. Your virtual purchases are safe with us, and it's our pleasure to analyze them. Once we have enough items in your cart to break $100, we'll reveal what we think your age is!

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