Spend a Day at Hogwarts and We'll Reveal Which European City You Belong In

Khadija Leon

What will you have for breakfast?

Which table would you sit at in the Great Hall?

Which character would you sit next to?

Which professor are you looking forward to meeting?

What will you be wearing to go to the castle?

What would your first class be?

How will you be carrying your books around?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely is it that you are going to get lost?

Which painting are you going to talk to?

What will your second class be?

What will you be eating for lunch?

What will you drink with your meal?

Which spell will you be practicing?

How will you spend your day getting around?

Which ghost will you be avoiding?

Which quidditch position would you like to play?

Which of Hagrid’s creatures would you like to meet?

What will your third class be?

There is a trip to Hogsmeade in the afternoon, which shop will you visit?

Where in the castle would you go to steal a kiss from someone?

If you could have a treat in the common room, which of these would it be?

Your potions teacher asks you to make your favorite potion, which one do you make?

If you were to get into a fight with a student, who would it be?

What would be your punishment for getting into a fight?

Which part of Hogwarts are you going to avoid?

What will you be doing with your free time?

Where are you going to take a nap?

What will you be having for dinner?

And desert?

How will you feel when you leave?

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About This Quiz

Have you ever wondered which European city is the best fit for you? Well, based on how you spend the day at Hogwarts, we'll tell you where you belong.

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