Quiz: Spend a Day on the Titanic and We'll Tell You Which Time Period You Belong In!
Spend a Day on the Titanic and We'll Tell You Which Time Period You Belong In!
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Darina Helíková

About This Quiz

The Titanic is the most famous vessel in the history of the world. It was meant to be a triumph of engineering but became famous as a failure of the same.

The Titanic is a time capsule. The launch of the Titanic and its historical sinking happened at a crossroads in history. The Industrial Revolution was about to reach its zenith with the War To End All Wars. Mass media was coming into its own, with radio and newspapers vying for supremacy. People were confident in our ability to conquer the natural world through the use of technology. The Titanic was the uncanny valley of the hubris tools can give us.

Culturally, the people aboard the Titanic ranged from the most elite to the lowest rung of society.  Some knew life that was little better than the serfs who were their ancestors: these people were headed to America for a better life and the hope of social mobility.  These poor souls traveled in "steerage," the worst class on board the Titanic, sleeping in bunk beds and seeing little of the outside until the ship was due to land.  Some Titanic passengers were traveling in the lap of luxury just to vacation in the United States, with plans to return to Europe. Others were heading home on the latest safest ship in the world.

What would you do onboard Titanic? Would you hobnob with the elites or slum it downstairs? Would you plan for your watery fate or enjoy life while it is yours? And what time period would that place you within? Take this quiz to find out!

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