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Can you spot a new digital music phenomenon? Well, maybe you can and maybe you can't. With this quiz, we'll see just how much you know about Spotify and the digital music revolution.

What is one of Spotify's standout features?

Forget waiting for individual songs on an Internet radio player. With Spotify, you can instantly play the exact song you want to hear.


About how many songs does Spotify have in its catalog as of 2011?

The number shoots up by thousands every day, but as of this writing, there were around 15 million tracks in Spotify's library.


What primary technique does Spotify use to prevent glitchy, slow playback?

In a bit of smart programming, Spotify actually stores many songs on your hard drive, meaning there's no waiting for playback to begin.


What's another way Spotify ensures nearly instantaneous playback?

The peer-to-peer system is actually similar to the torrent schemes that let people share copyrighted material. Spotify just gives you a legit way to do it.


How does Spotify guarantee fast playback through your mobile music device?

The mobile version of Spotify streams songs individually, so if you hit the road with Spotify, you're relying solely on your ability to find a fast and dependable signal.


By default, Spotify stores how much song data on your computer's hard drive?

It's a lot more than the capacity of many portable music devices. You can change the 10GB setting to something lower (or higher) if you like.


What file format does Spotify use for its music?

Because MP3s are, you know, so outdated, man. Vorbis is a compressed file format that retains good sound quality through the Internet.


At what bit rate do most Spotify tracks stream?

It's not quite CD quality, but most people won't notice. The 192kbps bit rate won't reveal much in the way of quality loss in most listening situations.


Why did it take years for Spotify to launch in the United States?

It was all about the money. Major labels wouldn't let anyone use their music without hefty revenue guarantees.


What's one drawback of Spotify for people who like to build their music collections?

And it's not even rent-to-own! You don't own the music you play from Spotify, you just get to borrow it.


After the 6-month introductory trial, how much music can you stream every month with a free Spotify account?

Not even enough for one really wild party. You can only stream 10 hours of music.


What wildly popular band isn't found in the Spotify library?

And no Oasis (but only if you live in the United Kingdom). Neither The Beatles nor Pink Floyd (among many other big names in music) are found in Spotify.


How does Spotify make money from its free subscriptions?

And there's no way to fast-forward these commercials. We tried.


Why do some fans of classical and electronic music dislike Spotify playback?

Did. You. Hear. That. Pause? Spotify often inserts a short delay between tracks, which is annoying for types of music that flow seamlessly.


In which country did Spotify first appear?

Sweden. Coincidentally, the same country that give birth to infamous (and illegal) file-sharing site Pirate Bay.


In one month, how often can a free user listen to one specific track?

If you really, really like that new song, you'll have to find it elsewhere. Spotify Free lets you play a song just five times.


What's one way you can create preference-based playlists on Spotify?

Spotify doesn't do it, but does. Of course, to use this feature, you'll need a free account, too.


If you have a Premium Spotify account, you can do what?

It's a powerful feature missing from free accounts. You can stream Spotify right through your mobile device, such as an iPhone.


In addition to streaming music from its library, Spotify does what?

In that sense, it really is a lot like iTunes. Spotify finds all of your local music and lets you play it, too.


What should you do if your favorite band isn't on Spotify?

We already tried crying, in vain. But the catalog changes constantly. Bands and specific songs often disappear and reappear.


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