Quiz: Fact or Fiction: Spray Paint
Fact or Fiction: Spray Paint
By: Staff
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So you think you know a lot about spray paint, huh? OK, smartypants -- let's see if you can tell fact from fiction when it comes to aerosol paint.

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Spray painting is dangerous.
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Spray Paint is only for outdoor use.
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You should use a primer before spray painting any project.
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You can't use spray paint to stain wood.
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You can spray paint your lawn.
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Spray paint is damaging to the environment.
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Spray paint fades faster than regular paint.
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Spray painting is faster than using a brush or roller.
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Spray painting takes practice.
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Spray paint always makes a mess.
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Spray paint doesn't store well.
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The rattle means the can is empty.
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Spray paint can be used to get high.
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Graffiti artists use special spray paint.
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All spray paint is the same.
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My color isn't available in spray paint.
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Spray paint dries quickly.
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Spray paint was invented during WWII.
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Spray paint is always toxic.
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Spray paint is ideal for any project.
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