Quiz: Fact or Fiction: Spring Cleaning
Fact or Fiction: Spring Cleaning
By: Staff
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Before you get all gung-ho about cleaning your home from top to bottom, take our quiz to find out if you’re really ready to grab that mop and broom.

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If you get the urge to spring clean, the best way to go is to just dive right in.
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Spring cleaning is also a great time to read back through your old Christmas and birthday cards.
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If you take the time to go through your unwanted things, you can make some money off those knicknacks that you’re sick of dusting.
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You probably have everything you need already to start your spring cleaning project.
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Using Freecycle.com to rehome some of your items before cleaning can be a challenge.
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It’s possible to get your house clean without using those classic cleaners like bleach or ammonia.
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When you’re spring cleaning, you’re probably going to be on your own, so lower your standards.
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To get started, just scrub the nearest object until it looks shiny enough to you before moving on.
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If you can’t do a really deep, intense spring clean, you can simply focus on high-traffic areas and use shortcuts instead.
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You can start your spring cleaning anytime. Don’t feel any pressure to get it finished before summer starts.
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Since cosmetics don’t have any expiration dates, you can keep using that old mascara until it runs dry.
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Spring cleaning can mean lots of different things, not just cleaning the inside of your house.
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The best time to get your air conditioner serviced is during your spring cleaning ritual.
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Winter, not spring, is when you should worry about fixing your roof or sealing leaks in your house.
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The Chinese New Year coincides with the Western, or Gregorian, calendar, and has nothing to do with spring cleaning.
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Spring cleaning for people who celebrate Nowruz may include redecorating or even remodeling their houses.
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Sometimes deep cleaning rituals take place during other parts of the year, depending on the weather and the location.
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All religions incorporate some kind of cleaning along with spring celebrations.
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Hindus celebrate the birth of their main god, Vishnu, in the spring with a thorough house cleaning.
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If you have the time now to do something you’d normally relegate to “spring cleaning”, do it and don’t worry about your list.
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