Quiz: The Ultimate Spud Gun Quiz
The Ultimate Spud Gun Quiz
By: Staff
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You don't need bullets or pellets when you use a spud gun. Mostly, you need … spuds! That's the good news. The bad news is that these devices can be dangerous unless you take proper safety precautions. See what you know about spud guns by taking this quiz.

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What sort of objects can a spud gun fire?
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The owner of the Spudgun Technology Center suggests using any projectile as long as it:
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One type of spud gun is "combustive." What is the other main type of spud gun?
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What material do they usually make spud guns out of?
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Which of these are main components of a spud gun?
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Unlike the combustive variety that uses flammable vapor, what does the pneumatic spud gun use to create high pressure?
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As the pressure builds inside a pneumatic gun, what keeps the air inside the chamber?
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What gun modification works to stabilize the projectile and put a spin on it?
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Using a glorified spud gun, what was created specially for the United States Department of Agriculture?
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At the annual Punkin Chunkin event, what is used as a projectile?
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For safety reasons, which of these should never be used in a spud gun?
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How does the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms classify spud guns?
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