Quiz: The Ultimate Stamped Concrete Quiz
The Ultimate Stamped Concrete Quiz
By: Staff
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Stamped concrete can add a lovely effect to a garden or path. Despite the classy look it adds to your home, stamped concrete paving is affordable and simple enough that you can install it yourself. Have a go at this quiz to see how much you know about working with stamped concrete.

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What is another name for stamped concrete?
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The consistency of the concrete used for stamped concrete is ______ than regular concrete.
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Why does the concrete used for stamped concrete need to be thinner than regular concrete?
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What do you need to do before you start your stamped concrete project?
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How should you mark the area in which you will be laying your stamped concrete?
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You need to dig out the area where you will lay the concrete. How deep should you dig?
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The concrete should be laid with a downward slope. What should the drop be for every foot of length?
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What should you place in the dug-out area before you pour the concrete?
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What should you coat the forming boards with before laying them down?
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How can you keep your concrete looking new?
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In what sort of climate will you need to reseal your concrete more often?
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Which feature of stamped concrete offers the most options?
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