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No species can stand alone for long in such a hostile "Star Trek" universe. How much do know about the alliance called the United Federation of Planets?

The United Federation of Planets (UFP) was intended to be a more perfect version of which real-world organization?

The real United Nations has had some serious ups and downs, but the Federation has always been well-received.


In what year was the UFP formed?

The interstellar alliance became a vital stabilizing force in the universe.


How many species were the first to come together to found the Federation?

They realized that their survival would ultimately depend on teamwork.


Which of the following species was NOT one of the founding members of the UFP?

The Vulcans and humans, of course, were heavily involved in the UFP from the very beginning.


The UFP operates mostly in which two quadrants?

An episode of "The Next Generation" was the first to name all four quadrants.


UFP Admiral Alynna Nechayev negotiated a treaty ending a conflict between the UFP and which species?

A truce was established in 2367 and the treaty finally was signed in 2370.


Where was the Federation founded?

Earth became the headquarters for the UFP.


How many different members make up the Federation?

The Federation's range sprawls over 8,000 light years.


The UFP quietly winds up replacing which Earth organization?

During the original series, the United Earth Space Probe Agency isn't heard from again after the UFP takes over .


What was the name of the organization that was the forerunner of the Federation?

This informal alliance became a much more coordinated group when the UFP was formally established.


Attacks by which species sparked the development of the Coalition?

Romulan attacks caused other worlds to band together for protection.


How does the Federation turn the tide of the Dominion war?

The commander of Deep Space Nine convinces the Romulans that the Dominion will attack their world if they don't help.


What did the Charter of the United Federation of Planets establish?

It first mentions sparing succeeding generations from the "scourge of war."


How many olive branches appear on most versions of the UFP's Great Seal?

Although it changes depending on the era, the seal's design remains remarkably stable.


If a world isn't unified under one government, the UFP will NOT consider you for membership.

But those worlds become only "associate" members, not full-fledged members.


In which century did the Federation have its first confirmed encounters with the Borg?

The Borg, of course, turn out to be one of the biggest threats to the survival of the Federation.


Which commander does the UPF assign to Deep Space Nine?

Sisko becomes a vital leader as the Dominion war rages.


Where is the office of the UFP's President located?

The President is responsible for leading the day-to-day operations of the UFP.


For how long did the Enterprise-D operate as the UPF's flagship?

It was long enough to visit some very distant worlds.


For how long did the Coalition of Planets exist before giving way to the UFP?

After six years it became clearer that the worlds needed a tighter bond, creating the UFP.


In which year did the UFP lose the USS Voyager due to an attack launched by the Caretaker's Array?

Capt. Kathryn Janeway was forced to improvise in order help her crew survive their circumstances.


To which quadrant was the USS Voyager sent after being attacked?

The Voyager's trip home was long and unexpected but also helped to expand the UPF's knowledge of the region.


In the 23rd century, which race was the primary enemy of the Federation?

The two powers clashed repeatedly, sometimes escalating to war.


In which production did the Federation's flag make its first appearance?

The flag is laid neatly across Spock's coffin.


How many other superpowers (not including the UFP) are there in the known universe?

The Klingons and Romulans also control vast expanses of space.


The Demilitarized Zone is established between the UFP and which species?

It was established by a treaty signed in 2370.


Which species is NOT part of the Dominion Alliance that fought against the UFP and its allies?

The Romulans, Klingons and humans worked together to stop the Dominion assaults.


In the 24th century, the UFP goes into prolonged war with which group?

The UFP is forced to ally with former enemies to fight this conflict.


How many different designs has the Great Seal of the UPF been through?

The Seal appears on the UPF's flag and is used for many other Federation purposes, too.


Which UFP world was NOT occupied during the Dominion invasion?

The Federation ultimately turned the tide of the war, but not before the Dominion had done serious harm.


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