Quiz: May the Force Be With You: A Striking Star Wars Quiz
May the Force Be With You: A Striking Star Wars Quiz
By: Staff
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If you've been to Comic-Con more times than you can count and can rattle off everything that's wrong with Episodes 1, 2 and 3, then we've got a quiz for you. Test your knowledge of all things Star Wars with this quiz. (Note: Using the Force is considered cheating.)

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Which of these leading men turned down the role of Han Solo?
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What is the name of the remote and uninhabited planet that was destroyed by the first test of the Death Star's laser cannon?
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What serves as the energy supply for a lightsaber?
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Who cut off the arm of Darth Vader (then Anakin Skywalker) during a fight?
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The despised character Jar Jar Binks (who first appears in "The Phantom Menace"), hails from what underwater society found on planet Naboo?
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The rebel Alliance destroyed the Death Star for the first time during what battle?
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What hillbilly group kidnapped Anakin Skywalker's mother and later made trouble for Luke Skywalker as well?
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What is the name of the host of the HowStuffWorks original video, "How One Man Star Wars Works"?
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The Great Schism produced what distinct group?
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What movie did the original "Star Wars" dethrone as the all–time box-office champ?
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Which wise "Star Wars" character is often compared to the Dalai Lama?
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Which of the following actors starred in some "Star Wars" movies vocally but not physically?
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What was the name of the Senator of Naboo?
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What is Obi-Wan Kenobi also known as?
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Which of these Star Wars films did George Lucas NOT direct?
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What was the total made in the box office for all six movies?
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When was the first Star Wars released?
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