Quiz: The Ultimate Starving a Fever Quiz
The Ultimate Starving a Fever Quiz
By: Staff
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You've heard it before – stuff a cold and starve a fever – but is this sound medical advice? Where did this bizarre treatment method come from anyway and what really happens to your body when you starve a fever? Take this quiz and learn about the effects of starving a fever.

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Where does the idea “to starve a fever” originate?
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What do modern day physicians recommended in terms of diet and a fever?
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Your ancestors were misguided in their treatment of fevers because they had a poor understanding of:
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A fever constitutes a body temperature increase of at least:
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What body temperature is considered a high-grade fever?
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Besides a viral or bacterial illness, what types of medical conditions cause a fever?
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What part of the brain is responsible for body temperature?
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Which Greek philosopher theorized about a link between diet and fever?
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Besides starving a fever, what was another misinformed fever remedy of the 19th century?
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What does starving a fever actually do to your body?
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What were the consequences of starving a fever in previous centuries?
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What should you drink when you are sick?
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What should you eat when you have a fever?
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Try to each food rich in __________ when you have a fever.
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