Quiz: Stay-cation Quiz
Stay-cation Quiz
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Think you know all there is to know about vacationing on a budget? Forget the discount travel deals and maximize your vacation value with a summer stay-cation.

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On average, how much do couples typically spend per day of vacation time?
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Which modern-day treasure hunt relies on GPS technology to locate hidden caches?
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How much carbon is produced per mile of air travel?
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How many national parks are managed by the U.S. National Parks Service?
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How many states house at least one national park?
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What percentage of Americans don't take all their available vacation time?
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How much does the average U.S. zoo charge for a child ticket?
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How much would it cost you in entrance fees to visit every U.S. national park?
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How much does it cost to visit the Smithsonian Air and Space Muesum in Washington DC?
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