How Much Do You Remember About "Steel Magnolias"?

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Why was Drum Eatenton shooting in the front yard as Annelle walked past?

"Get out of them trees… Migrate south, will you?"

Which of the ladies was married to Spud?

Robert Harling wrote the play so his nephew would not forget who his mother was after she died from complications of diabetes. The movie was filmed in Natchitoches, LA where the events had taken place in real life.

What did Shelby find that her brothers were going to put on her honeymoon car?

On stage, the play took place entirely in the beauty parlor. There were no men in the original stage production.

Which actress played Annelle?

Daryl Hannah (born December 3, 1960) was raised in Chicago, IL, but received her degree in theater from the University of Southern California. "Blade Runner," "Splash," "Roxanne" and "Grumpy Old Men" are just a few of the many movies in which she has appeared.

What was wrong with Miss Ouiser's dog?

"Whitey Black says that all this noise that you've been making around here for the last few days has been causing a nervous condition in my dog. Look at this: All his hair is falling out."

Why did Jackson come to see Shelby before the wedding?

They filmed most scenes on location in local homes, including the one where Jackson climbed into Shelby's room to see if she was going to marry him or not. The beauty shop was the only set they had to build because of its size.

Why didn't Annelle want to do M'Lynn's hair the day of the wedding?

"Today is a very special day, and my work tends to be too pouffy when I'm nervous… Does your dress have to go over your head?"

After M'Lynn hid Drum's handgun, what did he do to scare away the birds?

Ouiser's dog was not well-trained, and throughout the film, she struggled with controlling it.

What were Shelby's wedding colors?

"They're Blush and Bashful." "Her colors are pink and pink."

What shape was the groom's cake?

The armadillo cake was purchased from a local baker. A groom's cake has been a tradition since the Victorian era. It was originally a fruit cake.

"He's a real gentleman. I'll bet ______________________________________."

"He's a real gentleman. I'll bet he takes the dishes out of the sink before he pees in it."

What did Shelby do for a living?

The hospital scenes were filmed using real hospital crews. The extras were all nurses and doctors who had worked with Harling's sister in Natchitoches .

What kind of drink did Sammy make for Annelle at the reception?

"I'm Sammy, and this here is the best cherry Coke in the history of the world."

Which actress played Shelby?

Julia Roberts (born October 28, 1967) was a relatively new actress at the time the film was released. Herbert, Ross, the director, was difficult to work with and was reportedly hard on Roberts.

Why didn't Shelby and Jackson adopt?

"Mama, no judge is going to give a baby to someone with my medical record. Jackson even put out feelers about buying one."

What had happened to Annelle's "husband" by Christmas?

Daryl Hannah begged for the role of Annelle to stretch her acting career. Prior to this movie, she had not done any character acting.

What was Jackson getting Shelby for Christmas?

"Furniture, well my, must be nice to be married to a rich lawyer. What's it for, the living room?"

What shocking news did Shelby give her mother at Christmas?

The person on which based the character of Ouiser owned the house where they filmed the Christmas party. The woman is an extra in the scene where Drum announced he was going to be a grandfather.

"The sanctuary looks like it's been hosed down with ____________."

"The sanctuary looks like it's been hosed down with Pepto-Bismol."

What holiday did they celebrate during the wedding at the beginning of the movie?

"Spud, turn off that stupid television. Spud, get in here and finish dyeing these Easter eggs."

Who did Shelby bring to the Christmas party to fix up with Mrs. Ouiser?

Bill McCutcheon (1924-2002), who played Owen Jenkins in Steel Magnolias, started on the "Howdy Doody Show" as Leo the Leprechaun. He had a long career as a character actor, primarily on television, and won an Emmy for his work as Uncle Wally on "Sesame Street."

Finish the quote "Well, that's why God invented ______________________."

"Well, that's why God invented the A & P… You gotta get the lead out."

What did Truvy do to Shelby's hair that upset her?

"I think I'll come with you. I want to get my hair cut—short—and I want Truvy to do it."

What was the real cause of the bruises on Shelby's arm?

On average, it takes five to ten years to find a kidney for a transplant. The dialysis machine frequently causes bruises and welts, especially when people first start using it. In most cases, patients are hooked up to the machine three times a week for four hours each.

Why didn't Shelby have to wait long for a kidney?

"I don't have to wait anymore. Mama's going to give me one of her kidneys."

During the summer when Jack, Jr. was one, what did Annelle keep doing that drove Sammy crazy.

Olympia Dukakis (who played Clairee) spent days with a mayonnaise and egg mixture on her head. The local beauty shop used the homemade concoction to condition hair deeply, and it was used on her during the summer beauty shop scene.

What did Owen Jenkins send Ouiser at least twice a week?

"I can report that the Sherwood Florist delivery truck stops by her house at least twice a week." "He knows I like fresh flowers."

On which holiday did Shelby collapse?

The director lost his wife just before filming "Steel Magnolias." It was very heart-wrenching for him to shoot the scenes in the hospital.

Why did the doctors say Shelby went into a coma?

"…rejection of her kidney… The coma may be irreversible."

How did Shelby eventually die in the movie?

In real life, Susan Harling died when she was given general anesthesia for minor surgery and had a heart attack. Much of the plot during her final illness—such as her husband coming home and finding her on the floor with the baby crying—was added for dramatic effect.

"I'm not crazy; ________________________."

"I'm not crazy; I've just been in a very bad mood 40 years."

Sally Field played which character?

To sate, Sally Field (born November 6, 1946) has won two Academy Awards: one for "Places in the Heart" (1984) and one for "Norma Rae" (1980). Although nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in Steel Magnolias, she did not win.

Why did Annelle say she believed Shelby died?

"…she just wanted to take care of that little baby, and of you, of everybody she knew, and her poor little body was just worn out… It just wouldn't let her do all the things she wanted to, so she went on to a place where she could be a guardian angel.

Who did Clairee say M'Lynn should hit?

"Here… hit her… We'll sell T-shirts saying, 'I slapped Ouiser Boudreaux!'"

Who drove Sammy to the hospital when Annelle went into labor?

Jackson was Shelby's husband's name. Tommy and Jonathan were her brothers. Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson (1824-1863) was a famous Confederate general.

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