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What was the first novel King ever published?

"Carrie," King's work about a teenage outcast, remains relevant.

Which book is about a man who has an evil-hearted twin?

King wrote "The Dark Half" as an homage of sorts to his alter ego, Richard Bachman.

Which book did King allow to go out of print due to negative publicity?

Several criminals who attacked schools mentioned that they'd read "Rage" before their rampages.

What novel was the winner of the 1987 British Fantasy Award?

"It" capitalized on the potential for horror in fun-loving clowns.

Cold Mountain State Penitentiary is the setting for which book?

"The Green Mile" was made into a movie starring Tom Hanks.

"Getting It On" was originally the title for which book?

The cover of the first edition of "Rage" shows a young man indifferently hovering over a woman's body on the floor.

What was the first novel that King published using the pseudonym Richard Bachman?

He started the pen name when he wrote "Rage" to prevent the public from burning out on the King name.

The character Roland Deschain is the protagonist in which story?

King has called "The Dark Tower" series his magnum opus.

Which book was made into a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Schwarzenegger runs for his life trying to evade so-called "hunters" in "The Running Man."

Which book did King say is a story about what small towns are like?

"Salem's Lot" was so popular that the book has been adapted for TV two times.

What was the last novel King published as Richard Bachman before it came to light that Bachman was King's pen name?

He didn't use the name Bachman again until 1996, 12 years after "Thinner" was published.

Which book won the 2006 Bram Stoker Award?

"Lisey's Story" was also nominated for two other major awards.

Which novel has a pop-up book adaptation?

The pop-up book for "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" features monsters with scary teeth, making it rather unsuitable for small children.

"Doctor Sleep" is the sequel to which novel?

Released in 2013, "Doctor Sleep" came decades after "The Shining" (1977).

Which book features an apocalypse brought about by digital technology?

In "Cell," a cellular network wreaks havoc on humankind.

Which novel is the first to feature Bill Hodges, a retired police detective?

"Mr. Mercedes" is the first in a trilogy of Hodges books.

Which book was adapted into a CBS TV series in 2013?

In the story, an invisible dome descends on the helpless residents of a small town.

Which novel was released as a series of six paperback books from March to August 1996?

The second book in "The Green Mile" series is titled "The Mouse on the Mile."

In which book do a group of teenage boys participate in a grisly contest of willpower?

The last one walking wins a prize; everyone else dies.

Which novel was turned into a feature-length film starring Kathy Bates?

Bates' intense performance in "Dolores Claiborne" won her critical accolades.

Which 1987 novel is closer to science fiction than horror?

King regretted "The Tommyknockers" later, calling it an "awful" book.

In which book does "Captain Trips" devastate the population?

"The Stand" is the novel that unleashes Randall Flagg upon King's fictional universe.

In which book does the mangled word "redrum" play a significant part of the plotline?

Redrum is the word "murder" backward, and it's repeated many times in "The Shining."

Which novel did King say he can hardly even remember writing?

His substance abuse hit a low point during the time he wrote "Cujo."

Which novel was published as a "mirror" version of "Desperation," in which many characters and places are similar to those in the other book?

Graphic elements on the cover of "The Regulators" offers clues to the parallel universes.

Which book was originally going to be titled "The Napkins"?

"The Eyes of the Dragon" is a classically written fantasy story.

Which book is about an author who experiences writer's block and delusions at a lake house in the years following his wife's death?

"Bag of Bones" midlife crisis story for the ages.

Which story is entirely dependent on the concept of time travel?

"11/22/63" follows a man who tries to halt the Kennedy assassination.

In which book does a 1958 Plymouth Fury play a major role?

The possessed car inflicts unforgettable carnage in "Christine."

In which novel does a deputy who is possessed by an evil entity abduct innocent people in Nevada?

The evil being in "Desperation" can also manipulate the minds and behaviors of animals.

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