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A successful author's life takes an abject turn when he is imprisoned in a farm house. How much do you know about Stephen King's "Misery?"

What sort of books does Paul Sheldon write?

He has a devoted fan base that really, really does not want him to stop writing.


What is the name of the star of Sheldon's books?

Annie mentions that there are eight of the best-selling books.


Where does Paul hunker down to write his latest book?

He decides to celebrate the first draft of the book by imbibing, which he regrets almost immediately.


To which city is Paul driving when he wrecks his car?

He drinks too much and then winds up wrecking his car and in need of assistance.


What is Annie's former occupation?

And she uses prescription pain medications to help keep Paul under control.


What sort of injury does Paul sustain during the car accident?

The awful injury leaves him unable to fend for himself in any way.


King intended to publish "Misery" using his pseudonym. Why didn't he?

A observant bookstore employee discovered King's pen name and outed him.


As soon as she realizes who Paul is, Annie declares what?

She will repeat that refrain over and over again, to terrifying effect.


In the movie, who plays the character named Annie?

Bates easily oscillates between compassion and psychopathic behavior.


What happens to Misery Chastain in Paul's latest book?

Paul soon regrets that particular plot point, which greatly angers Annie.


In what year was the novel published?

Three years later, the story was adapted to the big screen.


Why did Paul decide to kill off Misery in his books?

His latest finished manuscript is a crime drama that he hopes will show people he can write for other genres.


In the 1990 film, which actor plays Paul Sheldon?

The movie helped brighten Caan's fading stardom.


Why does Annie find Paul's crime drama manuscript to be off-putting?

She can't handle the obscenities and gets noticeably upset.


In the book, what does Annie do to Paul to keep him from escaping?

Too drastic? But extremely effective.


Who plays the role of the local sheriff?

In the movie, the sheriff is shot to death while on a mission to find Paul.


Which Academy Award did the movie win?

Kathy Bates took home the Oscar thanks to her menacing portrayal of Annie.


What does Annie do with Paul's finished crime drama manuscript?

She wants him to instead focus on bringing Misery back from the grave in a new romance novel.


In the movie, what does Annie do to Paul's feet to keep him from running away?

The scene is unsettling in its brutality.


What does Annie purchase that gives away Paul's location?

A store owner makes the connection between the typing paper and the missing writer.


The first time he escapes his room, what does Paul do?

His injuries cause immense suffering, and Annie gets him hooked on pain pills.


For what crime was Annie arrested?

She killed babies in her care but was acquitted at trial.


Paul suspects that Annie has killed how many people?

He pieces together parts of her life and realizes she killed many patients when she was a nurse.


Angered by the new novel, for how long does Annie abandon Paul after realizing that he killed off Misery?

By the time she returns, he is starving and dehydrated.


What happens when a police officer arrives at the house looking for Paul?

Annie's vicious streak is several miles wide.


Which actor played Paul in the Broadway adaptation?

And Laurie Metcalf played Annie, to resounding reviews.


On the typewriter that Annie gives to Paul, which letter is missing?

When Paul gripes about the missing letter, Annie cuts off one of his fingers.


How does Annie die?

During a struggle with Paul, she smacks her head on a fireplace mantelpiece.


Stephen King has said that the character Annie was related to which problem in his own life?

He said that the drugs were his "No. 1 fan."


After escaping his ordeal, what kind of book does Paul publish?

The publisher, of course, is thrilled that Misery is back and promising to bring them big bucks from the bestseller's list.


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