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A horrific plague erases humanity and leaves only a few survivors who clash in a war of good versus evil. How much do you know about "The Stand?"

What is Captain Trips?

The so-called "super-flu" kills millions of people and brings on the apocalypse.


How much of Earth's population perishes due to Captain Trips?

By the time Trips has run its course, human beings have become a rarity on terra firma.


What is the name of the government project that inadvertently releases Captain Trips?

The project was a prescient lesson in how not to handle biological weapons.


Stephen King has called "The Stand," an American version of which novel?

Like the Tolkien tale, it covers an immense swath of geographical and psychological territory.


What is the name of the primary antagonist in "The Stand?"

Flagg eventually appears in seven King novels, but his first (and perhaps most powerful) appearance is in "The Stand."


Who plays Stu Redman in the TV miniseries?

Rob Lowe plays a deaf man named Nick Andros and Molly Ringwald is Frannie Goldsmith.


The Trashcan Man is obsessed with what?

He envisions ever larger and more destructive conflagrations.


How many pages are there in "The Stand?"

The sprawling epic consumes not only a lot of time, but a lot of trees, too.


How old is Mother Abagail?

She is surely the oldest remaining member of the human race.


In which state does Mother Abagail live?

She calls survivors to her residence in Hemingford Home, Nebraska.


How many pages were added in a 1990s expanded version of the novel?

For many authors, those 400 pages would have been a book in and of itself.


How many novels had Stephen King published before "The Stand?"

"The Stand" was an epic story that came along relatively early in his career.


When was "The Stand" published?

The plot plays off of one of his earlier stories, called "Night Surf."


What breed of dog is Stu's canine friend Kojak?

In the TV series, though, the dog looks suspiciously like a golden retriever.


What happens to Stu Redman's wife?

She is, mercifully, already dead before the apocalypse strikes.


In which state does the initial outbreak of Captain Trips occur?

An afflicted military man inadvertently spreads the virus to the general public and then all hell breaks loose.


Where does Randall Flagg set up a headquarters for carrying out his evil plot?

The stark desert setting, of course, is fitting for the book's desolate tone.


The "Rat Man" loves to dress up in a way that makes him look like what?

He wears silver dollars around his neck and skulks around in truly creepy fashion.


Which character is the first to realize he or she has immunity to the super-flu?

His immunity, and his leadership, propel him to great importance in the course of the story.


Before the flu strikes, Lloyd Henreid is guilty of which crime?

He goes on a murder spree and faces punishment before the flu strikes and subsequently gives him a new lease on life.


Why did the novel's publisher, Doubleday, have a problem with the manuscript's original length?

The manuscript was literally too long; the publishers printing presses couldn’t create a 1,200-page book.


The expanded version of the novel adds a new character who goes by which name?

The Kid is a raving psychopath with a taste for alcohol.


In which city do many survivors gather to establish a Free Zone?

The Boulder Free Zone is a buffer of sanity in a world that has gone completely mad.


Which character builds a bomb in the hopes of destroying the Free Zone?

Harold's taste for revenge builds, and Flagg uses him in an attempt to destroy the Free Zone.


From which musician did King get the inspiration for the novel's title?

King devised the title after listening to the lyrics for "Jungleland."


Why did Stephen King nearly give up on writing "The Stand?"

King has struggled with writer's block intermittently throughout his career.


Which Midwest city does Trashcan Man set on fire?

His massive blaze burns most of the city to the ground.


Where do Stu and Frannie go to raise their family at the story's conclusion?

Just like the author who created them, they wander back East to enjoy what they hope will be a quieter life.


What phrase does Trashcan Man repeatedly utter throughout the story?

He directs the words at Randall Flagg, the object of his zealous devotion.


Which character is sometimes called "The Walkin' Dude?"

But "The Dark Man" is another moniker for him, and probably far more fitting.


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