Quiz: Stock Up an Armory and We'll Tell You Which Famous Car Is Meant for You!
Stock Up an Armory and We'll Tell You Which Famous Car Is Meant for You!
By: Mark Lichtenstein
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

Stock up your arsenal like the apocalypse will be here tomorrow! Once we know how you would load up on weapons and ammo to prepare yourself for whatever tomorrow holds, we'll be able to tell you which famous car is meant for you! Will it be something fast and furious, or will it be more like a tank? 

In today's ever-changing world, you never know when having a fully stocked armory will come in handy. Whether you feel safer when you are completely stocked with grenades or flame throwers, the way you stock your very own armory will tell us if you could handle a car like the Aston Martin. You might be able to handle yourself like Rambo with weaponry, but can you hang a curve and outrun the bad guy like James Bond? 

We'll examine your ability to stock up your armory with both conventional and some not-so-conventional style choices. After we get a good idea about how you spent your time and money down at Bob's World of Weapons, we are confident we'll be able to find the famous car that should be parked in your garage. 

Get rolling right now on this quiz.Let's lock, load, and drive!

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