Quiz: The Ultimate Store Coupons Quiz
The Ultimate Store Coupons Quiz
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We all love saving money. Coupons help by allowing you to use a free slip of paper that you cut out of a newspaper as though it were actual money. Of course that means you have to buy that specific brand, but that's a price worth paying. Do you know how coupons work? Take this quiz to learn more about coupons and how they work.

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How often, typically, are coupons sent to a store's headquarters?
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Big chain stores are collecting how much money in coupons per week?
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How do coupon clearinghouses usually sort through coupons?
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The first step in the clearinghouse's sorting process is to separate the coupons by which of these categories?
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The code on a coupon that indicates its value is called what?
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The total value of coupons whose UPC codes are intact is usually tallied how?
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About how long does the entire process of clearing coupons take?
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Approximately how much money do stores receive from manufactures for processing a coupon?
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After the coupon values have been tallied up by the clearinghouse, where do the coupons go?
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When collecting coupons you should keep an eye out for which of these?
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To which of these countries do U.S. clearing houses often outsource their excess work?
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