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Not every movie makes it to the theater. Some films skip the publicity tour and go straight to DVD, leaving plenty of undiscovered gems for movie fans to discover. Take our quiz to learn more about films that never made it to the big screen!

Who is Dale's love interest in "Tucker and Dale vs. Evil"?

Dale falls hard for Allison, who is camping in West Virginia with her college friends in the 2010 flick.


Who plays a tough investigative reporter in the 2006 movie "Bordertown"?

J-Lo plays a reporter covering the drug crime in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, in the film, which also stars Martin Sheen and Antonio Banderas.


What is Winona Ryder's character's job in "The Darwin Awards"?

Ryder plays Siri Taylor, an insurance specialist who works on offbeat cases in the 2006 film.


Who starred in the 2007 straight-to-DVD "Suburban Girl"?

Former "Buffy" star Gellar played a young New York City editor determined to make it big in the 2007 movie.


Which of these actors was NOT in the 2007 film "Chaos"?

Jason Statham played Detective Conners in the film, which also featured Wesley Snipes and Ryan Phillipe — but not Morgan Freeman.


What is the name of Morgan Freeman's character in "The Contract"?

Freeman played master assassin Frank Carden in the 2006 movie "The Contract."


What show does Michelle Pfeiffer's character produce in "I Could Never Be Your Woman"?

Pfeiffer plays Rose, a producer on a show called "You Go Girl." The 2007 film also features Paul Rudd and Tracey Ullman.


Who occupies the moon in "Iron Sky"?

After losing World War II, the Nazis take refuge on the moon but plan to takeover Earth in the 2012 film.


Who is the movie "Bronson" about?

In the 2009 film, prisoner Michael Gordon Peterson earns the nickname Charles Bronson thanks to his superior fighting skills.


Who played Jack in the 2006 film "Man About Town"?

In "Man About Town," Ben Affleck plays a man so work-obsessed that he loses his wife, played by Rebecca Romijn.


Who is tasked with training Claire Danes in the 2007 film "The Flock"?

Richard Gere plays a longtime sex offender monitor who is tasked with training his replacement, played by Claire Danes, before leaving his job.


What is the name of the group of corrupt cops in "Edison Force"?

"Edison Force" focuses on a group of corrupt cops who go by the code name FRAT. The 2005 movie stars Morgan Freeman, LL Cool J, Justin Timberlake and Kevin Spacey.


Who played the commitment-phobe David Collins in "Buying the Cow"?

Jerry O'Connell played Collins in the 2002 film, which also features Ryan Reynolds and Alyssa Milano.


What 2007 film starred Jessica Simpson?

"Blonde Ambition" is an obvious homage to "Working Girl." It features Jessica Simpson as a small-town girl who moves to New York City to take on the business world.


What was Patrick Swayze's final film?

Swayze starred in the straight-to-DVD flick "Powder Blue," which was released in 2009 and also features Forest Whitaker and Jessica Biel.


Where is "Tremors II: Aftershocks" set?

Earl Bassett returns in "Tremors II" to hunt down underground creatures in a Mexican oil field.


Which actor played Walter in "Personal Effects"?

Ashton Kutcher starred as a college student trying to avenge his sister's murder in the 2008 movie.


What marijuana-laced concoction does Jane F. consume at the start of the 2007 flick "Smiley Face"?

Anna Faris plays Jane F., a woman who accidentally eats a whole plate of altered cupcakes in the film, which also features John Krasinski.


Whose death is the title character hoping to avenge in the 2009 film "Black Dynamite"?

Former CIA agent Black Dynamite hopes to avenge the death of his brother, Jimmy, while clearing the streets of drug dealers.


Who played a hit man in "Red Rock West"?

Nicolas Cage played an accidental hit man in the 1993 film, which also features Dennis Hopper and Lara Flynn Boyle.


Where is the film "Ripley's Game" set?

In the 2002 film, John Malkovich plays Tom Ripley, a Berlin con artist.


What year was the first part of "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" released?

The straight-to-DVD movie came out in two parts — one in 2012 and one in 2013. The animated feature stars Peter Weller as Batman and Mark Valley as Superman.


What show helped make Ronnie a star in "Run Ronnie Run!"?

After seeing his exploits on "Fuzz," Ronnie Dobbs is given his own show where he travels around committing crimes on camera in the 2002 comedy.


Who ties the four stories together in "Trick 'r Treat"?

The 2007 horror film incorporated four short stories, with a young boy named Sam tying the gruesome tales together.


Who stars in the 2012 film "Get the Gringo"?

Mel Gibson both wrote the film and stars as an American who ends up in a Mexican prison in "Get the Gringo."


What is the name of the fight promoter in "Blood and Bone"?

Fighter Isaiah Bone makes a deal with a promoter named Pinball in the hope of striking it rich in the 2009 film.


What year was "The Boondock Saints" released?

The 1999 movie, which focuses on a pair of Irish twins named Connor and Murphy MacManus, came out in 1999 in a very limited release due to its proximity to the Columbine massacre.


Who plays the title character in the 2014 film "Stretch"?

Patrick Wilson stars as Stretch, a man who falls in love with a woman who accidentally hits him with her car. The film also features Jessica Alba and Ed Helms.


Where is the 2010 film "Frozen" set?

In the 2010 horror flick, a group of friends ends up trapped on a ski lift as the resort closes for the weekend.


True or false: "The Animatrix" was made by the creators of "The Matrix."

The 2003 animated flick is a prequel to "The Matrix" trilogy, and both films were made by the same team.


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