Quiz: Strange Islands Quiz
Strange Islands Quiz
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Not every island is a stereotypical sandy paradise with a tropical breeze. In fact, some of our world's most intriguing islands are anything but that. Abandoned cities. Haunted buildings. Mysterious relics. Are you a strange island expert? Show your stuff with this quiz.

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True or False: Dubai has plans to develop a group of artificial islands in the shape of a world map.
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How many Uros people still live on the Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca in Peru?
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Which tree on Socotra Island is known for its red sap?
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How many tourists visit the Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca in Peru each year?
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Which strange island has most recently served as the set for a game show?
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Which strange island is best described as an abandoned city?
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Which of these islands once served as an asylum for the mentally ill and as a place of quarantine for plague victims?
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What is the proper name for the massive statues on Easter Island?
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How did the Easter Islanders move the average 14-ton, 13-feet-tall maois from the rock quarry to other places on the island?
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Al Capone spent time on which of these islands?
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The island of Madagascar broke off from which continent 165 million years ago?
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True or False: Ninety percent of Madagascar's flora and fauna is unique to the island.
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Which of these islands is nicknamed "The Galapagos of the East"?
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What is Dubai's Palm Jumeirah artificial island made of?
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True or false: Chinese and South Korean men were forcibly brought to the island of Hashima to work at the coal mines.
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According to legend, why did one of the doctors at the asylum for the mentally ill on Poveglia Island leap from the bell tower?
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How many people lived on Easter Island at its height?
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