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She was born in Hawaii, raised in Australia and rose to fame in some of Hollywood's biggest films of the 80s and 90s. Nicole Kidman has a reputation for her ability to take on nearly any role, from charismatic lover to psychopathic killer. How much do you know about Kidman's movies?

In what year did Kidman make her feature film debut?

Kidman's debut came in 1983's "Bush Christmas," a story that revolves around a Christmas holiday in rural Australia. The movie cost nearly $1 million and made almost nothing at the box office.


In 1997, Kidman starred in "The Peacemaker." Which category did the film fit?

"The Peacemaker" was an action film starring Kidman and George Clooney. Together, the pair attempt to track nuclear missiles before terrorists can use the weapons for their evil plans.


In "Bewitched," Kidman had a lead role alongside Will Ferrell. The movie bombed.

"Bewitched" had two proven stars at the helm, but they couldn’t save this scatterbrained film. The $85 million budget exceeded the film's domestic earnings.


Which film was the first to help Kidman make a name for herself in Hollywood?

Kidman had roles in six feature films before she broke through with "Dead Calm." The 1989 psychological thriller also starred Sam Neill and Billy Zane.


What's the creepy setting for "Dead Calm"?

Kidman plays a grieving mother who, along with her husband, sets sail for an ocean journey that they hope will help them heal from the loss of their child. Instead, they wind up battling a madman.


In which movie does Kidman play a young woman who has an affair with a much older man?

In "The Human Stain," Kidman is a woman who falls into a relationship with Anthony Hopkins, an older man who works at the local university. During the course of the film, we find out that Hopkins' white character is actually black.


In 2007's "The Invasion," what sort of invasion must Kidman help ward off?

In "The Invasion," a space shuttle crashes and spreads an alien virus all over the planet. Kidman plays a doctor trying to defend the human race from the contagious disease.


Which Kidman film was actually a remake of an older movie?

"The Stepford Wives" is a 2004 film based on a 1975 movie. Kidman plays a woman who moves to a small town with her family, only to discover that the local women are being replaced with robots.


In "Dogville," Kidman plays a woman who tries to escape from gangsters by hiding in a small town. Where is the small town located?

Kidman plays a woman who hides away in Colorado, hoping to avoid contact with pursuing gangsters. In the end, her presence leads to the town's destruction.


In which movies does Kidman play a woman named Gertrude Bell?

In "Queen of the Desert," Kidman is Gertrude Bell, a powerful Englishwoman who traveled to the Middle East and played a critical role in shaping Britain's role in the region in the early 1900s.


Kidman had a starring role in 2003's "Cold Mountain." Who did NOT appear in this film?

Robards wasn't in "Cold Mountain," which had a mountain of other notable names: Jude Law, Renee Zellweger, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jack White and other Hollywood stars.


How did "Queen of the Desert" do at the box office?

Kidman's performance was solid but couldn't save this film. It bombed with critics and audiences alike, making only around $2 million against a budget of more than $35 million.


Kidman won an Oscar for her "Cold Mountain" performance.

Kidman had the starring role in "Cold Mountain," but it was Renee Zellweger who stole the show as Ruby Thewes. She won Best Actress in a Supporting Role.


How did "Dead Calm" fare at the box office?

"Dead Calm" cost about $10 million, which is also what it grossed at the box office. It received exceptional reviews but simply didn't really make any money.


In "The Interpreter," Kidman plays a character who works at which organization?

Kidman plays Siliva Broome, an interpreter who works at the United Nations and becomes engtangled in murderous political plots. Sean Penn played opposite Kidman in this 2005 film.


Which actor did NOT appear in 2012's "The Paperboy"?

Jack Nicholson wasn't in "The Paperboy," a drama that swirled around a man (Cusack) who receives a death sentence. Kidman received accolades for her role as a woman who falls in love with the prisoner even though she's never met him.


In "Practical Magic," Kidman starred alongside which actress?

In "Practical Magic," Kidman and Sandra Bullock are sisters who also happen to be witches. Their powers come with a steep price -- they both risk losing their beloved husbands to untimely tragedies.


How many times has Nicole Kidman been nominated for Best Actress at the Academy Awards?

Kidman has been nominated for Best Actress three times. As of 2016, she's won the award once.


Kidman won an Oscar for Best Actress following her work in which film?

Kidman won Best Actress for her role as Virginia Woolf in "The Hours." The film found a place in the hearts of critics everywhere and garnered eight other Oscar nominations.


In what year was "The Hours" released?

"The Hours" was unveiled in 2002. In addition to Kidman, it starred Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore. It was based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Michael Cunningham.


In which movie does Kidman play a character named Chase Meridian?

In "Batman Forever," Kidman is a psychiatrist named Chase Meridian, who falls in love with Bruce Wayne not realizing that he is also Batman.


In 1991's "Flirting," Kidman shared the screen with what other famous actress?

Kidman and Naomi Watts both stared in "Flirting," which was made in Australia. Watts, of course, had many roles in Australian productions.


Kidman played Helen in 1998's "Emerald City," which was based on what other work of art?

"Emerald City" was originally a play written by Australian David Williamson. For her performance, the Australian Film Institute nominated Kidman for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.


What was the budget of "Batman Forever," which featured an all-star cast, including Kidman?

"Batman Forever" had a budget of around $100 million, in part because it featured the talents of Kidman, Val Kilmer, Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey. It grossed more than $330 million at box offices.


In "To Die For," Kidman plays a woman who badly wants to kill which person?

"To Die For" was inspired by the real-life story of Pamela Smart, a criminal who plotted to kill her husband. Kidman's character manipulates a group of boys to do her evil bidding.


Which of the following Kidman films was a musical?

In "Moulin Rouge!", Kidman plays a cabaret actress who starts a relationship with a poet, played by Ewan McGregor. It was the rare musical that wound up with an Oscar nomination for Best Picture.


Who starred opposite of Kidman in 1999's "Eyes Wide Shut"?

In 1999, Kidman shared the spotlight with her then-husband Tom Cruise. The couple divorced two years later.


Who directed "Eyes Wide Shut," which had a budget of more than $62 million?

Stanley Kubrick directed Kidman and Cruise for "Eyes Wide Shut," which wound up making more than $160 million worldwide. Kubrick died before the movie made it to theaters.


In what movie does Kidman play a character named Drew Preston?

In "Billy Bathgate," Kidman is Drew Preston, a woman who spends her time with violent gangsters. The film also stars Dustin Hoffman, Loren Dean and Bruce Willis.


In "Rabbit Hole," how does Kidman's son die?

"Rabbit Hole," has a grim beginning, as Kidman's son is hit by a car while chasing after the family dog. Kidman and her husband (played by Aaron Eckart) spend most of the movie trying to move on with their lives.


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