Quiz: The Ultimate Party Decorating Quiz
The Ultimate Party Decorating Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

These summer party decorating themes will prepare you for daylight saving time. Test your knowledge of summer party decorating themes by taking this quiz.

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To add some scent to your evening party, what should you plant in your summer garden?
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_________ are great finger foods for summer garden parties.
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Before making a puppy party appearance, puppies should have current:
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To get that beach feeling, instead of conventional tablecloths use __________________ to decorate the tables .
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When hosting a summer puppy party, make sure to have plenty of what cool beverage?
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What is the least desired job at a puppy party?
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At a Polynesian-themed party, what kind of skirt may the buffet table wear?
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For a Christmas-in-July-themed summer party, what will add Christmas ambiance?
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Where is the best location to fry a turkey?
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What Wild West dish is prepared in a slow cooker?
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To accessorize a Wild West party, what fabric is a good choice?
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A treasure chest is a great idea for an under-the-sea party. What can you do with all the treasures?
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A great game for a south of the border fiesta is the:
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What kind of music will get your guests in the south-of-the-border mood?
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Which movie is a classic baseball film?
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What traditional baseball stadium snack should you serve at your baseball-theme party?
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At authentic Hawaiian luaus, what dish is roasted in a pit?
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For a Hawaiian-theme party, fresh fruit salad is just the right dish. When should you prepare the fruit salad?
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