The Ultimate Super Glue Quiz


How much can a square inch of super glue hold?

A square inch bond of super glue can hold more than one ton!

What does it mean when super glue cures?

Curing is when the strongest bond is formed. Super glue cures almost instantly.

What is the main ingredient in super glue?

The main ingredient in super glue is an acrylic resin called cyanoacrylate.

What is required to trigger super glue to work?

Hydroxyl ions in water trigger super glue to work. Only trace amounts of water are required, and this can be found on most surfaces or even in air.

Super glue undergoes a process called anionic polymerization. What does this process produce?

Heat is produces during polymerization. After coming into contact with water, cyanoacrylate molecules begin to link up and form a durable plastic mesh until the glue thickens and hardens, immobilizing the molecules.

If you stick your fingers together with super glue, what should you soak them in?

Scrape of excess glue and soak your fingers in warm, soapy water. After soaking, try to wedge your fingers apart with a blunt object.

What should you avoid doing if you have stuck your fingers together with super glue?

Do not use a cloth or tissue to remove excess glue, because the fabric may chemically react with the glue and cause burns or smoke. Also, do not force your fingers apart or you may tear the skin.

If soaking your fingers in soapy water hasn't worked, what else can you try?

Acetone, found in nail polish remover, may help to loosen the glue.

Where else is super glue used, besides for home repairs?

Super glue is used in medicine to close wounds in place of stitches.

What is different about the super glue used in the medical field?

The glue used for closing wounds is made using different alcohols that are less toxic to the skin than the alcohols used in regular super glue. Instead of ethyl or methyl alcohol, butyl or octyl alcohols are used.

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Super glue is so strong that, if you tried, you could stick an elephant to the roof with it! Super glue can be very useful for a quick fix. However, it can also get you into a sticky situation if you get it stuck to your fingers or mouth.

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