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Demon hunting isn't always what it's cracked up to be. How much do you know about the characters in "Supernatural"?

What are the names of the main characters of "Supernatural"?

Dean and Sam Winchester are brothers who pursue evil supernatural entities across the world.


Who plays the character named Dean Winchester?

Jensen Ackles also had notable roles in "Smallville," "Dark Angel" and "Days of Our Lives."


In which season does the character named Bobby Singer make his first appearance?

Bobby Singer appears at the end of the season one. He's a family friend who becomes a role model for Dean and Sam.


Which hunter is also a computer hacker?

Charlie's computer hacking skills come in handy as the brothers pursue their slippery demonic prey.


True or false: Dean and Sam have appeared in every single episode of the show.

Our two heroes have indeed been in every show to date; that's more than 240 episodes.


Where are Dean and Sam from?

They hail from Lawrence, Kansas, which fittingly is the home Stull Cemetery, a place with a reportedly high level of supernatural activity.


Who gives the Key of Solomon to Sam and Dean?

Bobby gives them the Key, a book that helps readers summon and master spiritual powers.


Why were Ellen Harvelle's appearances nixed during the show's third season?

A writers' strike meant that she couldn't participate, but she later returned for seasons five and six.


What sort of business does Ellen Harvelle operate?

Ellen runs a bar called Harvelle's Roadhouse, which also happens to be a magnet for supernatural forces.


In which season does Jo go on her first demon hunt?

Initially leery of the brothers, she eventually joins up with them and goes demon hunting in season two.


How does Dean and Sam's mother die?

Mary is killed by a demon named Azazel, an event that sends Dean and Sam into a life of demon hunting.


What's another name for Amara?

Amara is The Darkness, so ancient that she actually predates God.


How many different actors have played the role of Ruby?

Katie Cassidy and Genevieve Cortese have both played Ruby, who hasn't appeared since season four.


How does the demon named Azazel create more demons to fuel the war on humans?

By offering his own blood to tiny babies, he ensures that they grow up with demonic traits so that they can serve his evil purposes.


Why were Dean and Sam forced to move every few weeks during their childhood?

Their father, John, was on a rampage against demons to avenge the murder of his wife.


Jared Padalecki plays which character?

Padalecki plays Sam. He's also known for his role on "Gilmore Girls."


Misha Collins plays which character?

Collins is Castiel, who frequently helps Dean and Sam in their battles against evil.


What sort of creature is Castiel?

Castiel is an angel who can kill demons, and he displays a willingness to kill innocent people if he deems it necessary.


Why does Sam kill the character named Madison?

Madison is doomed to be a werewolf, and she begs Sam to end her life of fanged misery.


Which entity is also known as Light Bringer?

Lucifer is the Light Bringer, the fallen angel out to wreak havoc amongst humanity.


In season six, which angel zips to heaven with the intention of restarting the apocalypse?

Raphael eventually teams up with Crowley, and the entire scheme ends very badly for him.


Which character provides a special knife that can kill demons?

Ruby's elk antler knife is imbued with magical powers that can kill demons, but often the human host is killed, too.


What sort of creature is Kate?

Dean and Sam capture Kate during season 10 and promise that they can help cure her of being a werewolf.


What is the name of the demon that tortures Dean in hell?

For four months, Dean is trapped in the fires of hell and subjected to the abuse of Alastair.


What color are Azazel's eyes?

He is often called Yellow Eyes for his reptilian-looking eyes.


The angel Gabriel also has which nickname?

The Trickster, or Loki, is an archangel who at one point decides to help assist Dean and Sam in halting the apocalypse.


Which character wants to be Lucifer's queen in season 11?

Rowena frees Lucifer, only to have him break her neck. She manages to bring herself back to life through a spell.


Who is the last of the 66 seals?

When Sam kills Lilith, he inadvertently breaks the last of the 66 seals, freeing Lucifer from his cage.


Which angel was directed to record the word of God?

Metatron dutifully records the word of God and then goes into hiding so that other angels can't steal the knowledge.


Whom do Sam and Dean decide to sew back together?

The brothers sew Abaddon's head back onto her body — an act that they soon regret, as she escapes their grasp once again.


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