Quiz: Go Green or Go Home: Sustainable Event Planning Quiz
Go Green or Go Home: Sustainable Event Planning Quiz
By: Staff
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Planning an event? Great! But can you do it while still being kind to the environment? Take this quiz to find out how you'd fare planning a sustainable event.

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What's the No. 1 waste material discarded at special events?
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In 2011 the Eco Music Festival in Snowmass, Colo. debuted what some called the "greenest event tent" in the world. What material was the tent's canopy made of?
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What nickname is sometimes given to "zero waste events"?
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In 2009 the band U2 was criticized for the carbon emissions of its 360 World Tour. How many trees did a British carbon consultancy say the band would have to plant to offset its carbon emissions for one year of touring?
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Serving locally grown and raised food is a definite must for a green event, if only to reduce emissions from travel. How far do the ingredients in the average American meal travel before they reach your plate?
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It's estimated that collecting name badges for reuse from 1,300 attendees at an event can save how much money?
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Every ton of paper that's recycled saves how much landfill space?
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Getting guests to use public transportation instead of arriving by car can really have an impact. How much gasoline does public transportation use in the U.S. save each year?
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True or False: Sustainability measures at your event can often save you money.
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What's the first thing you should do when planning a sustainable event?
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