Quiz: Take a shot at "The Shootist." How well do you remember the movie?
Take a shot at "The Shootist." How well do you remember the movie?
By: Susan McDonald
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About This Quiz

You feel differently about the last movie a film star makes, especially when the storyline reflects a part of his real life. It has more meaning, more dramatic moments, and more emotion. 

The Shootist, John Wayne’s last film, was about a “celebrity” of the times, a notorious gunfighter, who has cancer and plans to get away from it all to die. At the time of filming The Shootist, John Wayne had cancer and would die in 1979, three years after the film was made. Now that you know the behind-the-scenes story find out how much you know about the film itself. Take the quiz now, and then you can ride off into the sunset. 

The Shootist had all the makings of an iconic, action-packed John Wayne film, from the gun battles to the saloons, to the brothels, and the beauty of the West. When you take this quiz will you recall the name of Book’s ex-girlfriend (Serepta)? How about the name of Bond Rogers’ son who was played by Ron Howard (Gillom Rogers). And I hope you recall Book’s horses’ name (Old Dollar)! Was that enough of a warm up? Then it’s time to take The Shootist trivia quiz by clicking the button below.

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What is the name of Books' horse?
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When he arrives in town, Books buys a newspaper. What is the headline?
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In what Old West town does the film take place?
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Who is the first person Books visits when he arrives in town?
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What unusual item does Books carry with him?
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When he takes a room at Bond's boarding house, what fake name does Books give Bond?
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When Gillom goes to Moses Brown's stable, he begins looking through the drawers of the desk. What is he looking for?
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What does Bond do when she finds out who Books really is?
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How did Bond's husband die?
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What is the name of the local saloon?
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For what does Gillom ask Books?
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When Bond and Books discuss religion, what does he say is his church?
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Why does Books refuse Bond's offer to have her minister visit him?
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When Books is at the local barbershop, he gets a visitor. Who is it?
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Who narrates the movie?
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What gift does Books give Gillom?
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Books receives a delivery at Bond's house. What is it?
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Where does Books' final confrontation take place?
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Who shoots the bartender?
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