Quiz: How Well Do You Remember "Roseanne?"
How Well Do You Remember "Roseanne?"
By: Olivia Cantor

About This Quiz

Clever, controversial, and oh so funny are words that describe the "Roseanne" TV show as well as the main character, an overweight housewife struggling to make ends meet. More realistic than many of the TV shows of the time, Roseanne drew in viewers year after year for the ready laughs, the realism, and the edgy topics. You probably remember them all AND the characters' names. Then what are you waiting for? Relive the best of the nine-year hit show by taking the quiz right now. 

Roseanne Barr, started as a stand-up comedian who took her real-life situations as a housewife and mother to new heights when fans responded to her "domestic goddess" routine. Touring the country, she garnered a loyal following, then shot to the top when she performed on the Tonight Show. Turning her stand-up comedy into a prime-time TV show was a brilliant move. Besides being one of the longest-running comedy shows, Roseanne stretched beyond acting to writing, directing and producing some of the episodes.  

The show was good to Roseanne in more ways than just financial because she found love on set. She married the actor who played Dan's friend, Tom Arnold. Do you remember it all? The kiss episode? The pregnancy episode? Then it's time to click below and take the challenge. Start the quiz right now!

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