Take This Bible Quiz and We’ll Guess What You’ve Given Up for Lent

Haiden Steingass

You're spending your evening painting a canvas to put in your room. What will it say?

How far have you gotten through reading the Bible?

Describe your ideal Bible-reading setting.

Who gave you your first Bible?

Rate your knowledge of the Bible on a scale of one to four (four being you know all there is to know).

We've got to know ... what chapter is your favorite verse in?

Which psalm gives you the feels?

Which translation do you use?

What's something you absolutely cannot give up for Lent?

How do you close out your prayers?

In your interpretation, what is the story of Abraham sacrificing his son about?

You're best friend's relationship just ended, and they ask you for some encouragement. Which Bible verse do you reference?

Which of Jesus' acts of kindness are you most impressed by?

Which of Jesus' roles do you find most comforting?

What do you think the biggest biblical misconception is about?

What do you say to people when they say the Bible is unrealistic?

It's tat time! You've decided to take the plunge and get a tattoo that represents your faith. What is it?

If you could have seen one of these biblical events in real life, which would it be?

These Christian jams sing about popular Bible verses. Which one do you love shouting at the top of your lungs?

Let's be real. Which of this biblical principles do you struggle with most?

Which of Jesus' characteristics do you wish you had more of in you?

You're thinking of launching a Bible-based nonprofit. What will the organization's mission be?

In the story of the prodigal son, which character are you most like?

Community is key! You're part of a small group Bible study. Who's in the group?

What are you most afraid of?

Congrats! You just won a Barnes & Noble gift card. Which Christian book will you purchase?

If your online bio doesn't have a Bible verse, are you even a Christian? What does yours say?

When are you most inclined to crack open your Bible?

Choose a biblical location to visit.

Which female do you relate to most in the Bible?

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About This Quiz

If you ask any Catholic what they're giving up for Lent this year, there's bound to be a thing or two that each person avoids ditching for 40 days. Whether it's TV time, sweets or caffeinated beverages, we all have habits or strongholds out there that feel nearly impossible to break when Easter season starts to peek around the corner. 

But is that really the point? To be absolutely miserable while giving up something we love for God? Not necessarily. Lent originated to encourage discipline, as well as to repent and grow closer to God. And while it sounds like all business and no pleasure, there is good that comes from shying away from our favorite treats. Think about it this way:

Every time you have the urge to re-download your Instagram app, remember the reason for deleting it in the first place. For one reason or another, you felt your Lenten promise had a stronghold over you that distracted you from your faith. Each time you are tempted to break your promise, use it as a time to reflect in prayer, or think about how much self-discipline you are developing. 

Forty days will be over before you know it, but you've got to make sure you choose the right thing or two to give up this season! Take this Bible quiz, and we'll guess what it is that you've said adios to for the time being. 

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