Quiz: Take This Personality Assessment and We'll Guess Which Branch of the Military You Will Join
Take This Personality Assessment and We'll Guess Which Branch of the Military You Will Join
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Thinkstock Images/Stockbyte/gettyimages

About This Quiz

Before you run out the nearest military enlistment office, make sure you are joining the branch that's right for you. While every branch of the military is tough and intelligent, not every branch might be right for your personality. After we assess your traits and your qualities, we will take our best guess about the match you are best suited to join. 

Traditional military personality tests are used to measure whether or not you will be able to adjust from being a civilian to being a member of the armed forces. During our test, we are going to dig a little bit deeper to figure out which branch is the perfect one for your unique set of traits. We have no doubt that you could adequately adjust to military life; however, the branch has to be a good fit. 

After we've conducted a throughout personality assessment, we'll take our best guess about the branch you consider the right one for you. Every answer you provide takes us one step closer to figuring out if you are a better airman, seaman, or soldier. Once you see our results, you can let all of your friends know which branch is perfect for you. Which one will it be? 

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Which of your traits is most dominant?

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Which predator do you respect most?

7 of 30
How would your boss describe your work?

10 of 30
Which emotion are you best at expressing?

12 of 30
What kind of child were you?

19 of 30
What kind of vehicle do you drive?

20 of 30
Which word sums you up?

22 of 30
What kind of trip would you prefer to take?

23 of 30
How patriotic are you?

28 of 30
What are you most afraid of?

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Which weapon would you choose for a survival adventure?

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