Quiz: Take This Quiz to Find Out Which "Dance Mom" You Are!
Take This Quiz to Find Out Which "Dance Mom" You Are!
By: Khadija Leon
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

"Dance Moms" is an American reality television series that has been airing on Lifetime since July of 2011. The show revolves around a group of young girls who begin training to become dancers under the guidance of Abby Lee Miller at the Abby Lee Dance Company studios in Los Angeles, California and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

While the show's main focus was the girls and their training and competitions, a huge focal point was also the girls' moms who were often seen arguing for anything ranging from their child not getting enough attention, to the way that Abby spoke to them, to things as petty as costume and wardrobe. 

The moms were also seen arguing amongst each other often saying that their children were the best. The show has been so dramatic at times, that both mom and daughter either left or were kicked out and there was even an assault by one of the mothers on the dance coach. 

Which of the quarrelsome dance mothers are you? Will you turn out to be Melissa Gisoni (mom of Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler), Christi Lukasiak (mom of Chloe Lukasiac), Holly Hatcher-Frazier (mother of Nia Frazier) or someone completely unexpected?  The only way to find out who it is, is to take this quiz!

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