Quiz: Can We Guess What Chain Restaurant You Are?
Can We Guess What Chain Restaurant You Are?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

These days we all have a lot of choices when it comes to going out to eat. Some of us like trying new things, and are likely to check out that new Thai fusion place around in the corner in that new hip neighborhood, while others always try to hit a chain restaurant, something that you know is going to be good whether you live in Portland, Maine, Portland, Oregon, or someplace in between. 

When it comes to chain restaurants, it is more than just the great food that they serve that brings you through the door, it is also the vibe the place has, and how it fits in with your lifestyle. Are you the type that might like the simplicity and Southern charm that comes with dining at a Cracker Barrel? Would you want to like to have that south of the border scene that goes on when you eat at a Chipotle? 

Maybe you're a surfer dude from California who would totally like to eat at California Pizza Kitchen, or perhaps you have the mindset of a hardcore Northeasterner, who would be just as comfortable on a lobster boat as they would be eating at Red Lobster. Take this quiz and find out which chain restaurant you are.

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