Take This World Geography Quiz and We'll Guess Which Province You Live In

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Where would you go in Europe to see the Acropolis?

There are so many new people to meet in these cities. What highly populated city do you like the most?

It's time to get out onto the water. What ocean would you like to take a cruise on?

Do you know which Canadian landmark is located in Ontario?

Think back to your early years. As a kid, which of these was a place that you always dreamed of going?

You're on a trip to Australia! Which city do you visit to see the famous Opera House?

As a Canadian, you're used to the cold. But which of the following places is too cold for you?

Of the following, what would be one reason that you would visit the Caribbean?

This city was once named "Edo." If you were to go there, where would you be headed?

What do you value most about the world around you?

Where in the world would you go to find the charitable Golden Temple?

It's hard not to love animals and luckily most countries have them. What country would you visit to see their animal kingdom?

Which historical site you would find within Africa?

Though they're smaller bodies of water, they're still important. Which interesting lake would you most like to see?

What interesting part of Greece would draw you there to live or visit?

If the city isn't for you, which small town would you most like to live in?

So many capitals, so little time! Can you choose just one of these famous capitals to visit?

What type of terrain do you want to settle on?

Do you know which ocean is the largest in the world?

If you could only visit one important landmark for the rest of your life, which of the following would you choose?

What area of Canada that you haven't seen yet would you most like to take a trip to?

Let's go where no human has gone before. What remote area of the world intrigues you the most?

Many are simple and some are more complex. Which country's flag do you really like?

Filled with beautiful scenery and animals, which national park is located in North America?

Where in the world would you take a loved one to show them the culture?

These places aren't for the faint of heart. Which mysterious area of the world would you like to navigate?

You're visiting Switzerland for a vacation. Which mountain range would you be taking a hike on?

If there was a state that you'd consider to be most like the province you're from, which one would it be?

You'd brave the conditions of what country in order to see the land?

You're off to New York! On your vacation, what do you think you will find of the following?

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About This Quiz

From the East Coast of Canada to the West, there are provinces and territories all with their own characteristics. Even the people of each region have their ways of life, terms they use and other small differences. That's what makes our beautiful country so unique! Do you think that you fit into what your province is known best for?

If you use words like "bunnyhug," it can be easy to tell that you're from Saskatchewan. Use a word like "chirped" an someone might guess that you're from Ontario. But that's not all that can give away your province. Depending on the other places and things that you admire around the world, it can tell people much more about you. Does a trip to Paris sound good to you? We aren't talking about Paris, Ontario this time! How do you feel about a trip to see the Grand Canyon? Maybe it even reminds you of the Rocky Mountains back home.

If you love to see the world, but also enjoy your country back home, then you've come to the right place. If you think we can't guess your province correctly, then you'll have to try and fool us. Take the quiz and see if we can get it right!

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